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David G.
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Great taste and mixes well. I will definitely be buying more.

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Great test boosters in a natural form best bang for your buck.

Food Timing & Proper Nutrition

Posted by Stuart Smith on

By Katie Chung Hua KatieIt wasn't until I started competing did I realize not only how important food is but the timing of food. One of my weak areas is my legs. I need to put on more muscle in my lower body. That being said when I found this out I was lifting legs two to three times a week and lifting heavy. I couldn't wait to see the gains I've made, only when I jumped on the scale and looked in the mirror I had loss muscle. I didn't understand! I was lifting hard, I was doing the right exercises, and I was eating clean and taking my supplements. What was I doing wrong? I finally looked at the type of calories I was consuming and when. Your diet consumes protein, fat and carbs, but which is the most important? I hear the battle of protein is more important then carbs and vice versa. I believe that neither is more important than the other. Carbohydrates are the fuel for our bodies. They are needed for energy. Carbs are turned into glucose for the body to absorb. Glucose is our body’s source of energy. Two types of carbs that you need to understand to help Simple vs. Complex
  • Simple - quickly digested, hits the blood stream immediately which means its the quickest form of energy
  • Complex - slow digesting carbs that can be a small part of your pre workout and used as a large part of your recovery.
Protein is the building blocks of our muscles! Not enough protein inhibits your body to producing muscle and strength. Here is a basic day in my life. You will notice that there are 5 meals. I wont go longer then 4 hours without eating. My last meal of a protein shake may or may not be consumed depending how late I’m up. The reason for that is because when you don't eat as frequently your metabolism slows down, when you have a slower metabolism it's harder for your body to break down and use the whole meal. So only part of that meal is getting used and the other part is being stored. The only way to stored calories is as FAT. Meal 1 Breakfast One of the two most important meals of the day Breakfast "breaking fast" you're restarting your metabolism. If you skip breakfast your metabolism continues to slow. With a slow metabolism you store more calories than you use.
  • Oatmeal A complex carb that will breakdown slower throughout the next couple hours and provide longer lasting energy
  • 2 egg whites Protein in every meal because it contains the building blocks necessary to rebuild muscle fiber
  • Strawberries To help curb my sweet tooth! Fruit is a great low calorie was to sweeten the oatmeal and hit the body’s digestive system immediately
  • Multivitamins
Meal 2
  • Ezikel Bread Ezikel bread is a great complex carb that will give long lasting energy. It also contains protein, amino acids and fiber
  • Banana The banana has about 27 simple carbs that needs almost no time to digest that can be utilized for my upcoming workout
  • Peanut butter Peanut butter gives me my essential fats and helps satisfy my cravings and completing a full peanut butter banana sandwich
Workout Post workout The second most important meal of the day! Post workout - if you've done your workout correctly you have put your body through stress and you have injured your muscle with micro fiber tears. In order for your body to repair and rebuild it needs fuel and building supplies. Make sure to get this meal in ASAP! Meal 3 (Post Workout)
  • Chicken Necessary protein, remember muscles NEED protein
  • Brown rice Unrefined complex carb that helps the recovery after my workout that is loaded with nutrients and fiber
  • Sriracha, teriyaki sauce and green bell peppers Adds some flavor without a surplus of calories
Meal 4
  • Ground turkey High in protein and low in fat
  • Green beans High in vitamin k, loaded with nutrients such as vitamin c, potassium and high in fiber
  • Yam A yam is a little sweeter so you don’t to put much on it to make it taste good
Meal 5 Late night snack
  • Protein isolate shake Low calorie and gives me protein while my body is resting and breaking down and repairing throughout the night
  • Peanut butter Throwing this into my shake satisfies those late night cravings