Quad Exercises For Killer Results

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Killer Quad Exercises: 
Legs contain some of the biggest muscles in the body. Muscles that take a lot of energy to train, as well as to recover.  To effectively hit my legs hard enough, I like to break up my lower body muscles into separate days.  So here is a quick and dirty leg day that has an emphasis on quads.
Feel free to change around the order of things to best suit your specific exercise routine and comfort level. Start  adding this to your routine and you should feel and see a difference in a matter of days. For this quad exercise, as  well as all exercises, don't forget to do a good warm-up before really pushing your quads too hard.
Remember... when trying to grow keep your reps between 8-12 and push until failure:
  • Drop Set Leg Extensions
  • Single leg Bench Lunge
  • Close Feet Leg Press
  • Adductors
  • Side Lunges
By: Katie Chung Hua