3 Common Mistakes You Might Be Making


By Sean Sarantos 10622810_812536025445405_2109543107518559250_nCOMMON MISTAKES Let’s take a look at some common mistakes that can hinder your fat loss results.  Keep in mind that some are the result of poor information, but others are just from negligence.   We can’t forget just how easy it is to make some of these mistakes without realizing it; I know I've made some!
  1. NOT EATING ENOUGH Not consuming enough food, or the RIGHT FOODS will hinder your fat loss journey in many ways. The fewer calories you consume, the more efficient your metabolism becomes. Now for most, that sounds like a good thing right? In this case, it’s not.A more efficient metabolism means that your body burns fewer calories, and less total fat as a result. That means if your calorie levels are too low, your muscle tissue has a better chance of being burned for energy. On top of that, a decrease in calories can also have an impact on your performance in the gym.
  2. EATING TOO MUCH Now on the other hand eating too many calories, or too much of the wrong foods can be just as bad. So eating more will cause your body to burn more total calories, and will make your metabolism more inefficient. But keep in mind, this is a tool which must be used intelligently; it doesn’t mean you can just got out and eat as much as you want!
  3. NOT DRINKING ENOUGH WATER It’s hard to find folks who think that not drinking enough water in the day is unimportant.  But I’ll be damned if it’s not extremely easy to find those same people and see that they are not consuming enough!  As silly as it sounds, you actually need to put effort into drinking water.  Too many of us rely on the feeling of thirst to tell us we need hydration.  General rule of thumb, your urine should stay clear or very light yellow.  The darker it is, the stronger the sign of dehydration.
These are just a handful of MANY common mistakes made day after day!