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David G.
David G.
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I really enjoy the flavor and the results.Keep up the great work!!😃😃

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Great taste and mixes well. I will definitely be buying more.

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Wile E.
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Great test boosters in a natural form best bang for your buck.

Eating Good Carbohydrates

Posted by Sean Sarantos on

Eating Good Carbohydrates - Beast Sports Nutrition
Too many folks see carbs as the devil, like eating them will cause you to gain an extra chin and slowly get "cankles." When carbohydrates are integrated properly into ones diet it becomes as important as putting gas into your car.  And in retrospect, that is exactly what you are doing! The human body breaks down carbohydrates into glucose molecules through digestion. Once broken down, it will turn into energy to fuel your mind and body. I can bore the hair off your head (sorry if you are already bald) naming all the scientific "mumbo jumbo" that goes into carbohydrates, but I don't want to flood your mind into submission! I want y'all to enjoy what you learn and incorporate that into your lives dag-nabbit! So start being aware of what types of carbohydrates you are eating, and start eating good carbohydrates.

I want all of you to enjoy what you learn and incorporate it into your lives. Lets just get down to business and reach the bottom here. You want to consume what is right for your body. Do your best to stay away from the highly processed carbohydrates. Why, you ask? Well my little baby bird, allow me to feed you some knowledge. The more a food is processed beyond its original state, the faster it is to digest. I already know the question that comes to mind is "what's wrong with that?" The problem with that is the faster you can digest something, the sooner your hunger will kick in again, leading most people to overeat throughout the day. Stick to the natural goods and you will feel full for longer periods of time and give control back to your body.

Now that we have a bit of a better understanding of carbohydrates, let’s put all that extra energy we will get from them to good use shall we. Below is a nice little superset routine involving your back and deltoids. Have fun and train like a Beast!

Rest Time Between Sets: 45-90 Seconds

  • Assisted Pull-ups: Superset with Neutral Grip Pull-downs 3 sets x 10 reps each exercise
  • Seated Cable Rows: Superset with Recline Pull-ups 3 sets x 10 reps each exercise
  • Front Alternating Dumbbell Raises: 3 sets x 10 reps each arm
  • Barbell Upright Rows: 3 sets x 10-12 reps
  • Reverse Cable Flyes: 3 sets x 15 reps

Recommended Supplement Stack:

  • Pre-Workout: Beastmode 30 minutes before workout.
  • During Workout: Aminolytes mixed with water and sipped throughout workout.
  • Post-Workout: 1-2 scoops of Beast Protein mixed with almond milk, consumed immediately after workout.