Leg Day Video Series With Tabitha Klausen - Episode 1

Leg Day Video Series With Tabitha Klausen - Episode 1 - Beast Sports Nutrition

The first video in my Leg Day Video Series. This video shows me performing the leg press, and pushing the sled.

The first exercise is the Leg Press. I am doing 3 sets of 12, and I have 90 pounds on each side of the press, the press itself weighing 90 pounds, making it 180 pounds in total. I am going light with the weight, but focusing on feeling my muscles working. I make sure my core stays tight, feet flat, and I exhale as I exert my force upwards. I have my feet high and I am going a bit below parallel to get a good stretch in my hamstring and glutes. I am careful not to hurt my back when going deep with the leg press, and I make sure my hips don’t lift off the seat.

The second exercise is the Sled. I have (2) 45 pound plates on the sled, and the sled weighs about 60 pounds. I do 3 sets across the gym floor. I push the sled forward one way, and pull the sled backwards the other. Both ways I focus on keeping my core tight and using my legs to do all the work. Not only does this really work your core, but it’s a great cardiovascular exercise as well. As with all exercises, make sure you get a good stretch and warm-up in before you begin.

Check back soon for Episode 2 in my Leg Day Video Series

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