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💪Glutamine: The Essential Muscle Building Amino

Posted by Team Beast on

💪Glutamine: The Essential Muscle Building Amino

Although not technically an "Essential Amino Acid", Glutamine is one of the most well-known aminos as well as one of the most highly used (maybe without even knowing it) as it has been around for a very long time.  Unfortunately, it is one of the amino acids that seems to have been forgotten about.  Why is that?  While there's nothing sexy about it, it's definitely something we should not neglect as glutamine provides very important benefits when it comes to skeletal muscle and how we not only build it but how we preserve it as well.

In this article, we will take a deeper dive into the subject to help provide you with a little more detail about why you shouldn't overlook this key amino acid and what exactly it can do for you. 

What is Glutamine?

 As mentioned above, glutamine is a non-essential amino acid, which means the body can synthesize it on its own.  While the body's ability to synthesize it on its own may not be of great importance to the everyday American, those who exercise regularly will need an increased amount to keep up with the demand and stress put on the body through training.

 Being that glutamine plays a vital role in skeletal muscle recovery, it can quickly be used up, and if not enough is present through proper nutrition or supplementation.  If depleted, it can hinder your results when it comes to muscle-building and lean tissue preservation. 

What is This Amino Acid Responsible For?

 To take you on a quick history lesson, back in the early 1990s, Dr. Scott Connelly utilized this non-essential amino acid with burn victims and patients in a catabolic-state in hospitals. 

 When you ingest glutamine, whether through food sources such as beef, chicken, fish, eggs, dairy, tofu, spinach, beans, and carrots, to name a few, or through supplements, the kidneys convert it into what is known as citrulline.  If the name rings a bell, it's because citrulline is found in many pre-workouts to aid in vasodilation, which can increase the pump by helping flood the muscles with blood.

 Fast-forward through the process, and citrulline is responsible for elevating nitric oxide in the body, which helps increase blood flow to aid in transporting oxygen-rich blood and nutrients out to the muscles.  

The Benefits of Glutamine

 Glutamine provides a bunch of benefits to those who exercise regularly and are looking to improve their physique.  Below is a list showing some of these benefits. 

1.      Recovery and Endurance

 Whether you take a post-workout shake that includes glutamine, supplement it as a standalone, or consume foods (like what was mentioned above), glutamine can help with the recovery process.  It aids in replenishing glycogen that was used during workouts to refill your glycogen stores and prepare you for future workouts.

 During workouts, glutamine can also help reduce muscle fatigue and improve endurance by buffering lactic acid and also provides the muscles with a usable energy source when training. 

2.      Muscle Preservation

 Workouts can put a lot of stress on the system and body.  This stress can cause a catabolic effect, which is the complete opposite of what you're trying to accomplish in the gym.  You want to help build muscle, not create muscle-wasting.  Glutamine can combat this while also helping to promote nitrogen retention and aiding in the release of growth hormone. 

3.      Muscle Building

 Glutamine is one of the key building blocks of protein.  Through the combination of including glutamine in your supplement regimen or proper nutrition, along with the addition of adequate protein, it can aid in muscle protein synthesis and help build lean muscle tissue. 

4.      Immune Booster

 One topic that isn't talked about often is that glutamine can boost the immune system.  Glutamine is an essential fuel source for immune cells (such as white blood cells), which can then actively go out and destroy pathogens that could do the body harm.  

Some studies have even shown that glutamine supplementation can help decrease infections and improve overall health.  Low levels of glutamine could compromise your immune system and increase your risk of illness. 

5.      Digestive Health

 To tie in with immunity is digestion – notably, the intestines.  Glutamine has the ability to help prevent pathogens from traveling to the intestines (as well as the rest of your body) and can also help prevent holes or cracks from forming in the lining of the intestinal tract – also known as "leaky gut syndrome." 

Take Your Training and Results to the Next Level

 Glutamine has many benefits, as presented above, that can help you build muscle as well as preserve it.  Whether you are in a bulk or cut, glutamine plays a vital role in your results and, ultimately, the changes to your physique.  If you want a simple and effective way to take in your daily glutamine requirement, there's nothing better than Beast Glutamine

 Beast Glutamine provides you with 5g of L-Glutamine to help you recover faster, can allow you to train longer and harder by reducing muscular fatigue, may boost your immune system, support overall health, and aid in building and preserving your hard-earned lean muscle mass.

 Glutamine is your body's most abundant amino acid. Don't dismiss its benefits.  One scoop of Beast Glutamine daily will help put you in the driver's seat to achieving the results you desire.