Delicious Strawberry Vanilla Protein Smoothie


It doesn’t get much easier or quicker than this for a delicious and fruity strawberry vanilla protein smoothie. All it takes is three ingredients, one of which is the awesome vanilla Beast Protein, some ice and you’ve got a great shake loaded with flavor and is good for you. It’s one of my favorite ways to kickstart my mornings after fasted cardio, and it’s a perfect pick for a snack. The strawberries give you something sweet and combined with the protein, it fills you up and tastes great.  


1 scoop Vanilla Beast Protein 1 cup of Cashew Milk 75 grams of strawberries  


Put all of the ingredients into a cup. Fill rest of the cup up with ice and blend! It’s easy and SOO good!   Breakdown: 190 calories, 27 grams protein, 11 grams carbohydrates, 4 grams fat