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Beastly Summer Stadium Workout

Posted by Leslie McCatherine on

Beastly Summer Stadium Workout - Beast Sports Nutrition

Summer is near, and you know what that means... It's time to sculpt that bikini body and earn that desired round glute “pop” that every girl dreams of. One of my favorite ways to work out my glutes and hamstrings is at the local high school stadium, “Rocky Balboa style,” doing my Beastly Summer Stadium Workout. Running stairs engages glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves. It forces you to work against gravity and power yourself up as opposed to running on a StairMaster, where you’re mostly likely to hold on to the sides. After my first bikini competition I stuck around to ask the judges their advice on what I could do to improve at my next show. One of the judges told me to run stairs all day, every day, to get those glutes and hamstrings tighter and higher. After just a week of doing this workout every day I already noticed a change in my lower body. Every town has a local high school or even a college stadium nearby, so go ind one and get to work.

The Workout:

Start off with 10 minutes of dynamic warm-ups to help prep your muscles and joints.

  • Jog 800 meters (2 laps) around the track
  • 100 meter high knee runs
  • 100 meter butt kicks
  • 50 meter walking lunges
  • 20 High jumps

Now, let’s get it. Start at the bottom of the first set of stairs. Perform the first set up each row of stairs until you reach the end of the stadium. It will typically take around 15 seconds to make it to the top of each row and most stadiums have around 9-15 rows. Perform each set with 90-95% explosive intensity. You want those glutes and hamstrings to be on fire by the end of the workout.

Set 1:

Single Step Sprint - Run up the stairs one step at a time all the way to the top. Turn around and carefully jog back down to the bottom (The jog to the bottom is your active resting period).

Double Step Sprint – Run up the stairs skipping every other step. Turn around and carefully jog back down to the bottom.

Power Lunge – Lunge up the stairs skipping 2-3 steps at a time. Turn around and carefully jog back down to the bottom.

Alternating Glute Kickbacks - Start with you right foot on the first step/bench, push off with your left foot and raise your left leg up and straight back while squeezing your glutes at the same time. Next bring your left leg forward to the next step (try to skip 2-3 steps if possible) and perform the same motions on the opposite leg. Repeat until you make it all the way to the top. Turn around and carefully jog back down to the bottom.

SET 2:

Toe Taps – 30 seconds on the bottom bench. Start with the right foot on the first bench and quickly alternate each foot.

Step Ups – 20 each leg. Make sure you push off with the foot placed on the bench and squeeze those glutes at the top.

Body weight Jump Squats – 20 total

SET 3 – Take it to the Track:

  • Sprint 100 meters at 95%, jog back. (x2)
  • 100 meter Lateral Squats. 50 meters on the right side and 50 meters on the left side. Keep your chest up and booty low.
  • 20 Burpees

Finish up with 20 Bicycle Crunches, 20 Pushups, 20 sit-ups and a 45 second plank hold.