3 Keys To Hit PRs


Hitting PRs in the gym is always a great feeling. But it's not always easy to do, especially as you get stronger and stronger. It's a good thing we can talk to Team Beast athlete Steve Gentili about it.  width=Steve is a master of hitting PRs in the gym and on the platform, becoming one of the strongest raw lifters in the world. He is closing in on an 800-pound raw squat, 600-pound bench press and 850-pound deadlift. That's impressive and Steve is definitely a Beast! But those numbers don't come easily. It's taken time, an exceptional amount of hard work and the proper strategy to get that strong. On the road to these massive numbers, Steve listed "3 Keys to Hit PRs." Pay close attention to these and watch your numbers jump, whether you're just a casual lifter or a die-hard powerlifter.
  1. Know when to max out. No matter your strength level, Steve said it's important that you know when to test the strength gains you've been making. "You're not going to max out every week," Steve said. "There's a difference between testing strength and building strength. You can use different methods that are always taxing, but it shouldn't be testing your 1-rep max every workout." That means you have a proper training program that utilizes rep-maxes, hypertrophy phases, strength phases and then testing phases where you are gauging your 1-rep max. If your training program calls for nothing but maxing out every week, that's not a good sign.
  2. Know when to deload. A deload can mean total rest, or simply dialing it back when it comes to your squat, bench or deadlift. It can also mean simply doing a different type of workout that week to give your body a rest. Whatever the case, Steve knows the importance of utilizing deloads. "Utilizing rest is important," Steve said. "People can talk about training heavy, but you have to learn how to adequately rest to be able to keep progressing. Every pro and the guys I've spent time with, they know when to push and when to hold back."
  3. Stay Healthy. That seems like a no-brainer, but it's also important to be proactive in this area. For Steve, that includes proper warm-ups, proper rest and proper nutrition (including Beast Sports Beast Packs). It's also about being smart, applying the first two areas to try and stay as healthy as possible. "Lifting 800 pounds is different than a guy who maxes out at 300 pounds, but you still need to learn how to program the lifts adequately," Steve said. "You still need to program in deloads. It's pretty simple - you can't PR when you're hurt."
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