Top Beast Supplements For Erica Altman


Beast Sports athlete Erica Altman is prepping to get on stage for the Flex model search during the 2017 Olympia weekend, which means she must choose her supplements wisely. That includes what Beast Sports supplements take priority during this stretch, as Altman looks to get in incredible shape.  width=She has narrowed it down to three Beast Sports supplements for this process. Two of them focusing on energy to keep her going during a caloric deficit. In that regard, 2 Shredded and Beast Mode Black are two major go-to products for Erica. The third is the delicious Beast Protein. With 2 Shredded, Erica prefers the powder form, giving her a tasty, sweet taste when she takes it twice a day. Working a full-time job, 2 Shredded comes in handy and gives her a fat-burning boost. "I can drink it all day and it works as a constant appetite suppressant," Erica said. "You can get a sweet tooth when you're dieting and the Orange Mango craves that. I can also use it as a pre-workout if I need to. But the taste is amazing. For this prep, I use it twice a day. The first is before cardio first-thing in the morning. The second is midday before I get any cravings." Altman's first choice is Orange Mango, but the new Tropical Breeze is also an excellent option. When she goes the pre-workout route for more intense training after work, the choice is Beast Mode Black. Her flavor of choice is Blue Raspberry and the effects are noticeable immediately and every time she takes it. "The pumps I get throughout my workout and cardio are great," Erica said. "I like using it to make pre-workout popsicles. They taste really good. There's also no crash. It's a must-have product for me because I work all day. This gets me motivated to go to the gym." Erica also needs a quality protein during this prep phase, which is where Beast Protein enters the equation. She goes with either Chocolate Peanut Butter or Vanilla, and the options are endless. She will use it in shakes, but Erica also uses the protein for a variety of healthy recipes. "It tastes great and you can add it to a lot of different things," Erica said. "I can bake with it and everything tastes really good with that. Plus, I can take it after my workout, before bed and even use unsweetened almond milk." Use these tips and products of choice from Erica Altman, and become a Beast!