The Protein Solution

The Protein Solution - Beast Sports Nutrition

You always hear about the importance of protein. It is the building block for our muscles and what builds and repairs muscle tissue. While it’s important to get high quality protein, it’s just as important to consume it at the appropriate times. You want to have your body supplied with the right amounts at all times to maximize your muscle gains. Eating 1g of protein per 1 pound of your weight will ensure you’re eating enough every day. However, what is most important is your pre-workout and post-workout intake. So yes, you need to have protein pre-workout, and post-workout, to maximize your muscle gains. Some people fear eating before a workout because of cramps. In reality, it is important to eat carbohydrates and protein 45 - 60 minutes before starting your workout. And to maximize your workout, you need to eat protein pre-workout. The protein is important to maintain a positive nitrogen balance, which is necessary to stimulate protein synthesis. Your goal is to maximize anabolism, so protein will help your efforts in getting everything you can out of your workouts. Your body needs the energy and the pump in order to be able to lift the heavy weights, and to fight through each set of reps. What better way to supercharge pumping iron than with protein! If your workout is going to be intense, protein will help in providing your body with the energy that it needs, as well as preventing damage to your Beast muscles. Protein will also help preserve glycogen in your muscles. Protein will fill the role of glycogen as a fuel source when your body is running low on carbohydrates. After your workout, it is extremely important that your body gets two things: protein and carbs, but we’re mostly interested in the protein. Post-workout is when your body needs to have protein in order to begin the muscle repair process. The intense training you just did tears your muscle tissue down, and to begin the repair process, you need protein - the building block of maintaining and building new Beast muscle tissue. So what is the secret? After that intense and sweat-filled workout, provide your body with more... yes, more. This will help build fuel and repair your muscles. Otherwise, if no protein is consumed, your body will break down your muscles, using it for energy, and that’s definitely something you do not want. Research has also shown that protein intake after your workout will cause the release of the growth hormone your muscles need to maximize growth. Your muscles will thank you.