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David G.
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I really enjoy the flavor and the results.Keep up the great work!!😃😃

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Great taste and mixes well. I will definitely be buying more.

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Wile E.
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Great test boosters in a natural form best bang for your buck.

The Best Supplement Routine To Get Summer Ready

Posted by Team Beast on

The Best Supplement Routine To Get Summer Ready - Beast Sports Nutrition

Are you ready for summer? Regardless if the answer is yes or no, IFBB Pro and Men’s Physique Olympia Champion, Brandon Hendrickson, wants to share with you a supplement routine that can help you look your best this summer. It combines three very important aspects that you need to understand and consider implementing so you can get lean and show off that physique. Let’s hop right into it.


Nutrition is THE most important part of our physiques. Yes, supplements help, but we shouldn’t rely on supplements alone to maintain our weight, build muscle, or lose body fat. Neither should we replace meals with supplements. Supplements should be added on top of your meals to reach a certain goal. I believe 80% of our physique comes from nutrition, the remaining 20% is from the gym and from supplementation.

I’ve seen many people in the gym for years looking the same and I already know why there aren’t any major improvements in their physique, it’s their diet (or lack thereof). Even when I first started, I was uneducated about how important nutrition is to reach your desired physique.


When I want to shed fat or maintain a lean physique in the off-season, I rely on a few supplements – one being a thermogenic by Beast called 2Shredded. I like using a thermogenic in the off-season, especially because my caloric output is not as high and due to not being on routine to get ready for the stage; so, thermogenics help me burn fat, speed up my metabolism, and also help control my appetite without having to kill myself with cardio every day. I can take 2Shredded in the morning and let the thermogenic raise my body heat in order to burn fat.

Another method I use to maintain my metabolism and burn fat is CLA and L- Carnitine. I take both of these supplements every morning and have found that it not only helps me maintain lean muscle in the off-season but also aids in fat loss both in and off-season. CLA is great for maintaining lean muscle mass and preventing muscle loss. Carnitine is great to use for energy and to aid in fat loss.


My absolute favorite supplements to take are Beast Protein and BCAAs by Beast, preferably BCAA Ripped. Protein is helpful to reach your desired goal of protein per day. We shouldn’t rely on or replace meals with protein, but make protein an added source of protein throughout your day. For example, if I want to reach 300g of protein a day, I will eat about 250g of protein from whole foods and the last 50 or so grams of protein will be from Beast Protein. Protein is the foundation of building quality lean muscle so it’s important to consume it throughout your day. 

I also enjoy BCAA’s by Beast. BCAA’s not only give me energy throughout my workout but also aid in preventing muscle loss from a low-calorie diet. Plus, BCAA’s by Beast has some amazing flavors like Tropical Breeze by BCAA 2:1:1. BCAA Ripped is also great because it is used as a thermogenic as well so you can reach the full potential of maintaining muscle while burning fat! It’s a great combination!

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