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6 Ways To Get in Cardio While on Vacation

Posted by Team Beast on

Taking A Beach Vacation? Here Are Some Great Ways To Get In Your Cardio. - Beast Sports Nutrition
People plan for a vacation months in advance and are working hard to get their physique on point so they can show off all of their hard work during their week-long vacation. One thing that many people do on vacation is eat delicious (unhealthy) food and consume their fair share of adult beverages. This is all great for the individual and allows them to relax and enjoy themselves, but many come home with an extra 10 pounds added to their weight. To avoid this, there are several cardio options you can do while on vacation that won’t even have you dreading doing “cardio.”

In this article, I want to break down some great cardio options that will have you working up a sweat and burning calories – all while enjoying yourself.

1. Walk or Jog on the Beach or In a Park

In my opinion, there’s nothing better than cardio options on the beach. Whether it be a walk or a jog, there’s just something about the sand, the water, the sounds, and the view that seems to make the normal dread of doing cardio non-existent. Many people prefer to walk or jog on the beach first thing in the morning to watch the sunrise or in the evening and get in their cardio while watching the sunset.

2. Go Sightseeing

While on a beach vacation, there are many opportunities available while there. You have lighthouse tours, zoos, bird-watching excursions, scuba diving, snorkeling, and many other things at your disposal. These are great cardio options that you can fit into your beach vacation to help burn off some of the extra calories you may be consuming while you’re on vacation enjoying yourself. It also allows you to better get to know the surrounding area locally.

3. Walk the Boardwalk

Who doesn’t love the boardwalk? It’s loaded with tons of fun for the whole family and a bunch of places to get delicious food, drinks, ice cream, and of course… boardwalk fries. Might as well put the boardwalk to good use and walk up and down which gives you the opportunity to walk off some of the foods you’re consuming while there. This is one of the cardio options you’ll definitely enjoy – especially when there’s food involved! The key is to enjoy yourself and yes, eat some foods you’d probably consider off-limits throughout the year. But the good news is, you have many cardio options available during your beach vacation to avoid going home full of regret.

4. Play a Round of Golf

Are you an avid golfer? Then you know the beach is an awesome place to fit in a round. Save enough room in your vehicle to toss your golf bag and you’re set. No room? You’re still good as many places allow you to rent clubs if you didn’t bring your own or couldn’t. Heck, if you fly you can check your bag (hopefully in a lockable hard case) and have it sent with you for your beach vacation. Rather than using a golf cart at the golf course, walk it and carry your clubs or rent a bag cart that you can pull behind you.

5. Swim in the Ocean

As they say… “when in Rome.” A beach vacation isn’t complete without going in the water, right? And what better way to burn some calories than go for a swim in the ocean (obviously, assuming you know how to swim). This should be one of those “oh yeah, duh” moments when thinking about cardio options while on your beach vacation. I mean, there’s no shortage of water to swim in when you’re at the beach and if there is, you made a wrong turn somewhere.

6. Swim at the Hotel Pool

Most hotels that you stay at during your beach vacation should have a pool. For many, that’s an area where you jump in to cool down and then hop out to lay on lounge chairs and work on your tan so everyone can talk about how dark you look once you return home. Well, that pool is another one of the great cardio options you have available nearly all day long, so there is no excuse why you can’t burn a couple hundred calories while working on getting golden bronze. Simply hop in the pool and swim or walk laps. After a little while, jump out and go back to laying on your lounger so you can relax and take in some natural vitamin D (just make sure to apply some sunscreen).