Tabitha Klausen Featured In Oxygen Magazine's 'How She Fuels'

|Tabitha Klausen Oxygen Magazine Feature - How She Fuels

[caption id="attachment_4491" align="alignleft" width="227"]Tabitha Klausen Oxygen Magazine Feature - How She Fuels Tabitha Klausen Oxygen Magazine Feature - How She Fuels[/caption] Beast athlete Tabitha Klausen has been featured in the January 2015 issue of Oxygen Magazine, in their "How She Fuels" segment. An excerpt from the feature: "For 28-year-old Tabitha Klausen, eating clean comes down to a simple formula: 90 percent healthy, 10 percent fun. “I believe eating well and living a healthy lifestyle is a balance: You can’t be too strict, but you need to practice moderation,” says the Beast Sports Nutrition and sponsored athlete. The Northern California–based personal trainer moved across the country from Connecticut last year when her boyfriend, Matt Campominosi, was re-stationed with the Navy." "Although she doesn’t always plan her meals in advance, she works within what she calls a “general outline,” buying lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, several types of protein (fish, turkey, lean beef, eggs) and then cooks as she goes during the week. Such a general framework allows her the flexibility she needs to create protein-rich and complex-carb-based meals that vary all the time. “And I always have protein bars with me in case I’m on the road so I’m not tempted to eat junk,” she says, adding she also has B-Elite Fuel prepared meals in the freezer that cook in five minutes if she’s running low on groceries." The feature provides a sample of Tabitha's daily diet, as well as a bonus recipe for grilled steak and peppers, with long-grain and wild rice. Additionally, you will learn which Beast products Tabitha uses, and during which part of the day. You can preview the December 2014 issue of Oxygen Magazine here, and subscribe to their publication here.