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Tabata: The 4 Minute Killer Workout

Posted by Team Beast on

Tabata: The 4 Minute Killer Workout - Beast Sports Nutrition

Hakuna-Tabata. It means no more excuses! 

Everyone has either said or heard someone say “there’s just no time” or “gym memberships are a too expensive, too intimidating, or too long of a commute.” In a world where we are driven by time efficiency and sparing our dollars, it really does seem like there is no hope. 

So how can you turn from flab to fit, save you money, and save your time? Sounds like you’re going to need a Genie handing out wishes…oh wait, this ones already been granted.  

Ta-Da: Tabata!  

Tabata is the most efficient way to get an optimal calorie burn. It can be done while your pot of coffee is brewing, you have a work break, or after the kids have gone to bed. Take Tabata with you on travel, at the park, or even add it at the end of your workout at the gym. 

It will only cost you 4 minutes. That’s it, you read it right…4 minutes and your maximum effort. Be ready to bring it. 

How it works: 

The goal of Tabata is to maximize your effort in a minimal amount of time. Sounds kind of a like HIIT (high intensity interval training), right? Although both have similar goals to utilize your time and optimize calorie burn, Tabata is a lot more intense. It’s all about maximum effort, reaching your maximum heartrate, and getting done in the smallest amount of time.


Tabata is not for beginners. It’s for those who are experienced with high intensity circuit training or HIIT protocols. If you don’t experience severe discomfort during the 4 minutes, you aren’t doing it right! Be prepared to get your butt whipped. 

Tabata Protocol: 

Tabata Cycles: 20 seconds 100% effort, 10 seconds recover
Tabata Total Time: 4 Min (8 Cycles) 

Before you get started, be sure to choose exercises that allow you to go maximal effort and total rest. I suggest choosing exercises that make you move your full body, but you can choose to do isolated body parts if you wish. Start off using your body weight and when you think you’re ready, use a weighted vest or ankle/wrist weights to up the intensity. 

Before you begin a high intensity workout like this, be sure that you are cleared by your physician, start with a proper warm up, and sip on an amino acid drink that also contains electrolytes and is stim-free.  This will keep you energized and hydrated and will dramatically accelerate recovery.  Beast Aminolytes covers all those bases.


Choose a couple exercises. For a beginner of doing Tabata, I’d suggest starting with 1-4 exercises that you are comfortable doing and then transition smoothly. 

You will perform 20 seconds of reps for Exercise 1 and rest for 10 seconds. Then immediately will do 20 seconds of reps for Exercise 2 and rest for 10 seconds. Followed by 20 seconds of reps for Exercise 3 and rest for 10 seconds. Then 20 seconds of reps for Exercise 4 and rest for 10 seconds. This will total up to 2 minutes, so you will have another full round to go to reach 4 minutes total! 

I have included two examples for at home or at the gym. 

1. Scissor Jumps 
2. Mountain Climbers  
3. High Knees  
4. Jump Rope 

1. Battle Ropes 
2. Medicine Ball Slams   
3. Bosu Ball Push-Ups 
4. Kettle Bell Swings 

If you are wanting to do something more stationary, hop on a spin bike or rower and follow the same protocol: 20 seconds full blast, 10 seconds recover.

Get your timer out, good luck, and get ready to get sweaty!