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Great test boosters in a natural form best bang for your buck.

How The Successful Stay In Shape On A Busy Schedule

Posted by Team Beast on

Staying In Shape On A Busy Schedule - Beast Sports Nutrition

How do millionaires and the wealthiest in the world stay in shape? No matter how busy their schedule, successful people find the time to do it. Here's what their schedule may look like:

 3:45 am. Your iPhone cranks to life as the dull drone of the melodramatic ringtone reverberates in your ears. You reach over and mash the home button a few times before it falls on the floor. Immediately your heart starts pounding as the thought of a cracked screen and all the hassle it entails enters your mind. You check the screen and breathe a sigh of relief. 47 notifications. Now that you’re wide awake, you scroll through every social media feed and mindlessly check your email. 

4:15 am. You stumble into the kitchen, still half asleep after a shower. 3 eggs, toast, some turkey bacon, and a glass of orange juice. 

 4:45 am. You start your car and scrape the ice off the windshield while second guessing your life choices. 

5:00 am. “Ante Up” by MOP comes on shuffle as you head to the gym. You take another sip of a double shot espresso.

Busy, Bored, and Broke?

  Despite what #fitspo influencers would like you to believe on Instagram, you don't have to get up at 3am to #riseandgrind to stay in shape. #Sleepinandwin…am I right? But, for some folks (especially those who are highly successful in the business, entertainment, or sports world), a 3 AM wakeup call may be a normal part of life. Truth be told, everyone is busy. That's just the nature of our culture and the current speed of life. But, if you talk to someone who owns a 6 or 7-figure business, you'll quickly realize your definition of busy is nothing compared to theirs. However, you also find these highly driven and successful individuals are exceptionally good at ensuring they stay healthy, in shape and fit for their personal and professional benefit. So, what's the secret? How do they get it all done and still find time to work out and stay in shape? There are a few tricks of the trade and that’s exactly what this piece will cover. Let’s dive in…

 Perfection is the Enemy of Progression

  Recently there has been an influx of health-conscious individuals who entered the realms of the interwebs seeking information. However, these folks typically run into 1 common issue: they’re overwhelmed with data, facts, and opinion. Thus, they have a tough time deciphering an appropriate course of action. As such, they end up with information overload and default to inaction. If you don’t know the best course of action, don’t do anything - right?  Wrong, this is the first secret which most millionaires have discovered. 

  1. Good is Better Than Perfect- Make a Decision & Move On
  • Should I try carb cycling or paleo?
  • What was the name of that supplement I need to buy?
  • 3x10 or 5x5…or maybe it was 4x8?
  • Can I eat eggs? Aren’t those bad for your cholesterol?
  • Can I have toast with my eggs?
  • But wait, isn’t there gluten in bread? I thought that was bad?

Maybe I should just stick with a protein shake… Are you sensing the confusion? This is where information without expertise leads us. You know just enough to be dangerous but not enough to actually understand how it applies to the contextual nature of your situation. However, the most successful individuals in business and life understand how to cut through this noise. They obtain the facts, consider expert opinions, make a decision, and move forward. 

  1. Consistency Trumps Intensity

  In order to be successful, you must be able to adhere long term, whether that be in business, life, or fitness. Simplicity and environmental factors tend to breed adherence. Those who reach their goals are very consistent. If you scale the success of your training session by the intensity you incur, you’re going to have a hard time maintaining any semblance of consistency. However, those who find monetary and health related success have figured out that intensity functions along the scale of diminishing returns. Sure, anyone can crush themselves for a single session, maybe even a week or a month. But, you won’t maintain that year after year, and you certainly won’t enjoy it.

  1. Health is an Investment, Not an Expense

  The best in the business understand one simple fact: any money that is spent on health, fitness, or performance is an investment. You can’t look at your monetary health expenses as a negative action. This is especially true in the world of supplementation. I always tell folks: “You get what you pay for, so spend a little extra and take the opportunity to invest in your health.” If you view your gym membership, weekly grocery store bill, and time spent meal prepping as a necessary evil, you’ll find yourself struggling to maintain healthy habits. Rather than completing them because you enjoy them, you’re forced to maintain them simply because you know you should. Don’t do it because you have to, do it because you want to. Remember, in order to change your actions, you must change your mindset regarding your actions. Don’t focus on the symptom. Address the issue by going after the root (mindset). 

  1. Environment is Everything

  You can’t outwork a poor environment. Sure, some folks can still manage to train hard at Planet Fitness. But you have to remember that environment expands well beyond where you train. Consider the 5 individuals in your life you spend the most time with. These folks comprise your contextual environment - their actions, input, and mindset directly affect the quality of your life and what you choose to prioritize. If you want to change someone’s actions, you need to simultaneously address mindset (as I mentioned above) and pull them out of their current environment. Change gyms, find a new training partner, delete social media off your phone entirely. It doesn’t matter what element of your environment you choose to change. Do something drastic to get in shape and alter the status quo. 

An Effective Workout When You’re Short on Time

This program may seem small on volume but it’s big on results to stay in shape: 


A1. Heels Elevated Front Squat (3 Second Eccentric): 4x6 

A2. Ab Wheel Rollout: 4x8   

B1. Weighted Pushup (Chains/Weight Vest): 4x8-12 

B2. Chest Supported Machine Row: 4x8-12   

Time Dependent - Prowler/Sled Push (HEAVY): 15-25 Yards (x6-8)  



A1. Seated Smith Machine Overhead Press: 3x6-8  

A2. Seated Lateral Raise: 3xAMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) 

A3. Smith Machine Snatch Grip Shrug (3 Count Pause): 3x12 

B1. Assisted Wide Grip Pullup: 3xAMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible)

B2. Glute Ham Raise: 3x6-8 B3.

Time Dependent - Underhand Wide Grip Cable Row: 3x12  



A1. Trap Bar Deadlift (Touch & Go): 4x8 

A2. Hanging Knee Raise: 4x8   

B1. Walking Lunge: 4x12/Leg 

B2. Weighted Neutral Grip Dip (Chains/Weight Vest): 4x6-8   

Time Dependent - Airdyne Bike: 15 Seconds ON/90 Seconds OFF (x6-8)