Springing Forward- Outside!

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 width=So we have gone through months of cold weather (well in NC we only had chilly weather- I don’t think we had a winter which I am totally cool with) and short days. I totally hate Winter, the worst part of winter besides the cold is the fact that it is dark outside when the workday is over. It is proven that sunlight not only gives you Vitamin D, but it also boosts your mood. Spring time for me means a few things- it means that all the windows are open in my house and fresh air breezes through, it means that my hair is always a mess because I listen to my music loud with my car windows down. I LOVE to be outside and as soon as I see the first sign of SPRING, you know where to find me! I love to work in the yard, take the dogs to the park, soak up the sun and most importantly … I LOVE to take my workouts outside! In my last blog, I mentioned that I played soccer in college. The stadium where I used to run my a** off is only about 10 minutes from my house which means that I have amazing access to one of the best ‘cardio’/’butt shaping’ apparatus you will ever fine… a stadium and a track! Plus I feel youthful when I step on the old field, ahhhh the memories! Haha! So let’s spring forward.  Let’s get fresh air and head outside. Here is my most recent track workout.  A few things to pack: 10 lb medicine ball, a 20 lb weighted bar and also some water Super Set 1: Starting at top of stadium stairs 20 dead-lifts with 20 lb weighted bar 40 step up jumps on top two steps Jog down stadium Sprint up stadium 40 pop squats … and that’s one. REPEAT 4 times. This should not only create a huge burn in your legs and glutes, but should also have your heart rate high. If you need to rest, rest… but also push yourself. Quick Set 2 Explosive squat jumps! Start at bottom of stairs, begin in low squatting position, spring up and jump up three stairs. Walk backwards down to starting stair. Spring up three stairs and walk back down. Repeat 15 times. This should have your heart rate up! After 15 explosive squat jumps, you will go right into 15 stationary lunges per leg. Really push off that booty and feel the burn! Repeat 4 times. Next, take it down to the track for Set 3 Set up your torture: Lay your 20 lb weighted bar 20 yards away from your starting block and at the 120 yard mark, lay your water bottle or use another marker. From your starting point, quickly rep out 40 mountain climbers, then jog out to the 20 lb weighted bar.  The weighted bar should go on your back while do walking lunges down to the 60 yard mark. At the 60 yard mark, throw down the bar and sprint out to the 120 yard marker.   Your walk back to “start” is your rest. Repeat 5 times Finally, if you are feeling tough- turn on your favorite jam, put the weight bar on your back and do walking lunges around the track… YES- AROUND the track. Every 40 “steps” (lunges), stop and mix in another exercise before continuing. The mix- in exercises can be: crunches, planks, sumo squats, squat jumps, high knees or push-ups!  Remember, you are out jamming to your music, clearing your head and shaping your body!  So grab a friend, get some rays and get your sweat on! Happy Spring Everyone!    Ryan Hays Althoff is an IFBB Figure Professional.  While not browsing the isles of Whole Foods or pumping iron, Ryan is volunteering for the Great Dane rescue, playing with her sweet four legged child Peaches, laughing with friends, or visiting doctor’s offices by day as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative.  Ryan enjoys her busy life, but will always take a laid back day at the beach.