Size Does Not Matter - It's Just A Number

Posted by Nikii Duke on

What's that, size doesn't matter? Exactly, Size Does Not Matter - It's Just A Number! Like most women, there was a time when I was so fixated upon the actual sizing of my clothing that I let it get me in a bad mood if a certain size didn't fit me. The same thing when it came to the scale, if I didn't like the number that read on the scale, I would be in a bad mood. Some people let it determine their mood for the entire day and if the number isn't a "good" number, it brings them down. It seems so many people have become so obsessive with the little number stitched on the inside of their pants/clothing, and what appears on the scale. Whether it's stress from the media, trying to compare yourself to your friends or even personal stress; remember, One Size Does Not Fit All! Beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes, not just one standard size. That's what sets you apart from the person next to you, and it's what makes you unique and different. The world would be extremely boring if everyone was born the same size and looked alike. Don't let the size of your clothing or the number on a scale dictate your worth. You are so much more than a number. Size 00 or size 11; it doesn't define you as a person, it's just a number! I know from my own experience, sometimes we just can't help but have the number on a little tag bother us or the number that stares back at us on a scale. My size varies from all different stores and brands, every store's sizes run differently. In the past when I used to shop and buy clothes, I would try to make my body fit to the size of the clothes. Now when I shop I buy clothes that fit my body. At the end of the day if the numbers on the inside of your clothes still bother you, simply cut them out! Or if the number on the scale doesn't please you, stop weighing yourself. Who says you need to know your weight all the time? I personally only really weigh myself at the doctors or once a week if I'm getting ready for a competition. Out of sight out of mind, it's all about how confident you feel while looking in the mirror and being comfortable in your own skin. One of my favorite quotes is: "try to be like a turtle; at ease in his own shell." Curvy, skinny, or whatever word describes your body type, be proud of it! Once you stop obsessing over a tag that nobody will ever see or know unless you tell them. Not only will you feel better, but your confidence will get a great boost. Look great, feel even better, but more importantly... learn to love yourself at each and every size.