Preparation Is Key


Preparation is key. It’s a statement people say all the time, especially in our sport. But what does it really mean? At least to me, preparation equals prep. We’ve all heard meal "prep," contest "prep" and on and on, but it is bigger than used in just these terms. I keep detailed logs and pictures to aid in my preparation. I have logs of what I ate, how I felt, how I looked and this is for each day in the process. This isn’t just for contest "prep,” either, but also includes any off-season “prep” as well. It’s a simple reason for this. Think about it, how can I compare my next off-season if I don't have any records of what I did the last off-season, or the one before that? What if something worked incredibly well? Am I chancing it to just memory? It’s not the same details, there is no question about that. This type of preparation takes commitment. It’s my job, but you tell me it's your hobby, love, sport. Whatever the case, wouldn't you want to be your best? I see guys in the gym all the time writing what workouts they did for the day but they can't tell you what they ate or how they looked. It's fine if you’re not trying to build your body, aka be a bodybuilder. I'm sure if you're a competitor reading this, the chances are your coach asks for you to send pictures so you take a few snaps wherever you are and click send. But how did that help you? If you want to be serious, take pictures in the same lighting, the same day, the same time. Help yourself in the long run by giving yourself that edge. That is true preparation. We all have that friend, "Yo, can I use some pre-workout? I forgot mine." All I think is, “Damn bro, why aren't you prepared?” Of course I'll let him use a scoop of my Beast pre-workout (shameless plug) or a lightbulb just went off and you're that friend, coming to the workout not prepared. Seriously, I see it all the time, even in the pro ranks. No supps, no food, etc. How can you be your best with no preparation?? I think of all the things that I pack to insure that I am prepared, from my meals, items I use, scales, extra posing trunks, music, backup music, and, yes, it’s all about preparation! Or, you can just wing it all. Let me know how that goes for you!