Pre-Exhaust to Break your Training Plateau

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If you have found yourself in a rut with your weight training this is the article for you. Whether it be mental or physical, stagnation in your training can be a major deterrent to you hitting the gym with vigor, or lacing up your sneakers period. Luckily, a simple modification in the technique of the exercises you may already be using can jumpstart your progress. A training technique known as "Pre-Exhausting" is a great way to add a new stimulus for your body to adapt to. The typical Pre-Exhaust protocol uses a single-joint exercise (only one joint moving, and less musculature used) immediately before a multi-joint or structural exercise (larger group of muscles used). These two exercises are done in super-set fashion, which means they are done right after each other with little to no rest. Below are some great pre-exhaust regimens covering some of the body's major movement patterns and muscle groups:
# Exercise Repetitions Sets
A Pec Dec Chest Fly 12-15 3
B Dumbbell Chest Flat Press 8-12 3
A Straight Arm Pullover 12-15 3
B Lat Pulldown 10-12 3
A Dumbbell Lateral Raise 15 3
B Barbell Shoulder Press 8-12 3
A Seated Leg Extension 15 3
B Leg Press 12-15 3
A Stability Ball Leg Curl 15 3
B Barbell Romanian Deadlift 8-12 3
   width=Adam Bisek is a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach practicing in Minneapolis, MN. Certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) he brings a high level of intensity and passion to early morning bootcamps and a dedication to results with his personal training and weight loss coaching clientele. Adam qualified for national competition in Men’s Physique with a 3rd Place finish at the NPC Badger State (Oct 2011), and will be competing this fall for his pro card.