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Outdoor Fitness Activities Keep You and The Family Healthy

Posted by Team Beast on

Outdoor Fitness Activities Keep You and The Family Healthy

 It's so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day activities that we are all involved in that many people push their health and fitness to the side. The obesity rate in our nation is consistently rising, and the scariest part is that childhood obesity is also on the rise. What I always like to recommend is welcoming health and fitness into each and every home. Parents need to be leading by example to ensure their children live a long and healthy life – not to mention parents should make it a priority to stay healthy as well so they can have longevity with their life and be around for their kids as long as possible. In an effort to promote health in the home, below, you will find some great outdoor fitness activities to help keep you and your kids healthy. 

1. Walks

Family time is extremely important, and with busy schedules, it's challenging to get everyone under the same roof to be on the same schedule. However, with a little planning, you can schedule daily family walks to be used as one of your effective outdoor fitness activities that are fun for the whole gang (even your dog!). After a family dinner is a great time to go outside and take in the fresh air with a family walk. 

2. Hikes

 If your family enjoys the great outdoors, there's nothing better than taking a hike as a family and trekking through the woods or surrounding landscape. Toss on some hiking boots or sturdy shoes and hit the trails as a family to soak up the scenery and wildlife. Depending on where you live, you can even travel to a state or national park for some fresh and pretty views. 

3. Swimming

 Another one of the tremendous outdoor fitness activities you can enjoy as a family is a fun-filled day at the pool (if you have a pool at your house, even better!). Swimming is an excellent non-impact form of exercise, and who doesn't love splashing around with the kids and seeing them laugh and giggle the whole time? 

4. Hit the Playground

 As a kid, I'm sure you enjoyed the playground. Well, so will your kids. Just about anywhere you live, there is probably a playground close by. If you have a nearby school, there should even be one there too. Gather up the crew and make this one of

the fun outdoor fitness activities that you can enjoy with your kids. Play on the swings, run around, go down the slide, go across the monkey bars, and see-saw until your heart's content. 

5. Outdoor Sports

 Do your kids enjoy playing basketball, soccer, tennis, or football? Head to the backyard for family time. Pick teams and have some fun. Not only is this one of the great outdoor fitness activities you can use to keep your whole family healthy, but it can also help your children improve their skills with the sport you choose to play with them. 

6. Yard Work

 This one doesn't sound all that fun, but it can be. For instance, in the fall is the perfect time to rake leaves into a pile and watch the kids run and jump in them. Not only does this help you, as a parent, with chores needing to be done, but it's a fun way for the kids to get involved and enjoy themselves in the process. This also helps instill work ethic in your kids to show them that "work around the house," while a necessary evil, doesn't need to be boring.

 There are many other things that can be added to this list, and I'm sure it sparked some ideas of your own with how, as a family, you can get outside to enjoy the weather while helping burn calories in the process. The key is to find activities you all enjoy, so everyone benefits from this active play time together. Use your creativity as well as the outdoor fitness activities listed above to get your family on the path to good health in the long-term.