Organization is the Key to Success

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It always seems like prep for a show goes slowly until the last 4 or 5 weeks. Maybe it’s the diet, or possibly it’s the pressure of knowing you will be on stage. Or maybe, it is because there are so many little details that need to be taken care of before you actually get to the show. I have a type A persona, which to some, is annoying because I am extremely driven and organize. I have lists galore! I have lists for my lists. I have calendars for almost every aspect of my busy life; training and diet schedule, my teaching schedule, graduate school classes and deadlines, certification exams I need to take, friends and family, and of course I try to keep my boyfriends work schedule straight! As you can see, I am a busy girl and having goals and plans are a huge part of my everyday life.  Some may say I have too much on my plate, or that I over extend myself. But I am not happy unless I am on the go at all times. This is why I need to stay organized and on top of where I am going, what I am doing, and with who. I find that when I have lists or calendars laid out I am more focused and I can accomplish may more tasks. I have often been asked if I feel more stressed and or overwhelmed if my plans fall short, or I don’t complete my task list, or if my plans significantly change. My response is no, not at all. I feel that because I am constantly on top of things and organized I am less likely to panic when things go aria. When my plans are laid out and my lists are posted on my wall, it’s also reassuring to see the tasks that I have accomplished crossed off the list. At first, it may seem daunting, but as you cross tasks off the list, you get a sense of accomplishment that you might miss out on if you don’t have a list written out. I would recommend having a large white board with important dates, meetings, classes, or any other important deadlines applied to the correct dates.  Some white boards come with a calendar imprinted so that you can alter the month and date on your own, and there is also a space for task lists! For me, I need separate lists for each area of life; I don’t like to mix my show task list with my school list. You should hang this white board or the lists where you will see it most often. Hanging it in your closet just won’t do!  I hang mine on the wall in my living room by my desk, which happens to be on the wall that I pass when I leave my apartment.  It’s a healthy reminder that you have things to accomplish and also that you have accomplished tasks on your list! "Out of clutter, find Simplicity. From discord, find Harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."  -- Albert Einstein    width= Jillian has been competing in Figure since 2007 and last year moved over to the new Women’s Physique Division where she won her IFBB Pro Card at Jr. Nationals.  She is just a few weeks out from her Pro-debut in Arizona.  When she’s not working out, she’s going to Graduate School working on her Masters in Education Degree.