Get in the Gym and Get an Excellent Workout...all in 40 minutes.

Posted by Connie K on

Have you ever gone to the gym and spent WAY too long in there? I'll admit that I've been guilty of this a handful of times. Yes, the gym is fun for some people, including myself, but it shouldn't be the place you go when you need someone to talk to. I bring this up because the last couple months I have been following a program that really calls for a 40 minute (not including warm-up or the post workout cardio), but it pushes the benefits of intensity of attacking the weights for about 40 minutes no matter what the bodypart or bodyparts you're working. I never really knew how much time I was spending in the gym until I tried this way of thinking. With shorter rest times, more intensity, and NO time to sit and chat you can get a heck of a workout in 40 minutes. I've done the same exact workouts that have taken me 2 hours in the past and these are what I blame that on. Buddies or the gym locals in the gym talking about partying over the weekend, asking about work, etc. - Cell phone in my pocket. Whether it be a call, text, or music on my phone that I felt I could play with between sets. - People asking for advice on a certain exercise. (This is a little different because at least they are trying to learn and get progress) - Waiting for a machine, or bench that is in use. These are the major things that can change a 40 minute "push your limits" workout, to a 2 hour marathon session where you aren't breathing hard or even breaking a sweat. The good thing is that these are all pretty avoidable and I encourage you to avoid them for yourself. Cut down your rest periods, and go to the gym today with a "Get in. Get out" attitude and feel the difference. Oh, and if you wanna chat after the workout, bring your Beast Whey + Creature and sip it as you socialize after your workout.
   width=Stephen Obar (@OBARmuscle) is a writer for various fitness publications, a personal trainer, diet coach and a cancer survivor. Stephen currently spends his time hitting the weights as well as continuing to soak up all he can on the newest and latest bodybuilding and nutrition studies and news.  When he is 'relaxing', you can find him in the kitchen overseeing his little brother's nutrition and training as he is a sponsored Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete.