Lift Heavy and Often Ladies

Posted by Nikii Duke on

No disrespect to cardio, but if you want to blast fat, build a booty and "tone" your body, leaving yourself rocking with an hourglass, shape- strength training is where it's at. Hop off those treadmills ladies, and hit the weights. No, not the 5 pound weights, but those 20 pound ones. Lift often and don't be afraid to lift heavy and often ladies. The most common thing we hear from ladies is" Oh I just want to lose 5lbs from my mid-section and tone up my body, but I don't want to build muscle or get bulky." Well guess what, unfortunately we cannot spot reduce. You can't tell your body where you want to lose weight just as I'm sure you didn't tell your body to store those 5lbs you gained in your hips. But on the plus side as to "toning" your body, good news is weight lifting will do just that. And as far as getting too bulky, females do not produce nearly as much testosterone as men. So the only thing that will make you "bulky" is lifting your fork way too much and with the wrong types of food. While aerobic exercise burns both fat and muscle, weight lifting burns mostly exclusively fat. Now I'm not saying to swear off cardio all together, that's just silly, but doing only cardio you won't tone your body or get that hourglass shape you dream of achieving. The most effective way to sculpt and shape your body would be to do weight training before, and then you can do cardiovascular activity afterwards. After lifting weights you are still constantly burning calories, so by doing cardio afterwards you are burning double the amount. You'll end up burning more calories in the long run if you lift hard and heavy. You want to train every body part too! Just sitting on your butt reading this, you're burning calories- if you lift weights that is. WHAT? Sign me up! The amount of calories you burn by just living and breathing is your resting metabolic rate, which is determined by your muscle mass. So the more muscle you have, the more energy your body expends. Everything you do from brushing your teeth to checking Instagram, you'll be burning calories. So ladies, next time you think about hitting the treadmill instead of those weights, think about the long-term results of weight lifting instead. Not only will you gain strength but your confidence will greatly improve. Not to mention you can't build a booty by doing just cardio.