Quick Booty Blasting Circuit

Quick Booty Blasting Circuit - Beast Sports Nutrition

It's no secret I don’t like cardio and I want to build my booty, so I combined the two in my own quick booty blasting circuit. Here is a circuit to get your heart rate up, and burn fat that will build your booty. There are two types of muscles, fast twitch and slow twitch. This circuit targets mostly fast twitch (which makes up a bigger part of your muscle) and will help you GROW! Go through this circuit 3- 4 times. Remember your workout is only as hard as you make it! Sprints: -Down 50 yards, back 50 yards 30 second rest 15 Squat Jumps: - Feet shoulder width apart - Feet slightly turned out - Abs tight - Don’t let your knees go over your toes, keep them in line with hips and feet. - Jump as high as you can 30 second rest Reverse Hyper Extensions: - Face down on a bench (or swissball to increase difficulty) kick heels back without arching lower back - Keep abs tight 30 second rest 10 Box Jumps: - Use at least 18” box or higher - Jumping from the balls of your feet 30 second rest 10 Split Jumps: - Keep weight on front heel when jumping up - Keep knee in line with hip and feet - Abs tight 1 min rest, repeat circuit 3-4 times