Healthy on the Go

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 width=I hear the same question many times a day... How do you stay healthy when you are on the go constantly.  My response never changes:  "I prepare my food and plan out my day so that I am never hungry and I never have to compromise what I fuel my body with". Just as my response never changes... Theirs stays constant as well...The "I can't do that" or the all too familiar "I don't have time" or the classic "eating healthy is expensive" seem to rattle off their tongue very comfortably.
Here are my quick packs for summer outdoor adventures like a day on the lake, beach or a stroll through the park. I also pack these on the regular for my busy work day.   Being active limits your time in the kitchen, but it should not limit your nutrition or force you into that's food trap.
Protein sources are a must when on the go or in the office.  My all time favorite protein source for a trip are turkey burgers. Call me crazy, but you don't need utensils and they are good at room temperature.  Cook them in bulk, add in seasoning and throw them in the cooler.  Easy, simple and great source of protein.  I use the 93/7 turkey for my burgers.
Grilled chicken, hard boiled eggs, Greek yogurt and also "rip-pack" tuna is great for on the go.  They are all easy and convenient sources of protein.
For those of you on-the-go without a cooler, pack protein powder.  Beast's 100% Whey protein gives 20g protein for 130 calories.  Protein powder, shaker cup and a mix of your choice will tide you over until you reach your destination.  Being creative with your mix-in allows you to also satisfy a craving.  For instance, use vanilla protein powder and chocolate almond milk if you are craving a milk shake.  If you are craving a "fruity-drink", use juice.
Other travel treats I pack daily include sweet potatoes, rice cakes,  peanut butter, yogurt and vegetables. Salad, celery, carrots, broccoli, asparagus and others are all great to munch on when hungry.  Fruit, nuts and granola are also a must for me.  Eating protein, carbohydrates and also fiber allows you to stay full while on the go and will ward off cravings during your stressful work days.
If you are a "sugar-oholic" or crave junk food midday, pack accordingly.  Everything in moderation is better than breaking and getting that McFlurry advertised on the highway billboard.  Pack a snack size candy bar, or a fat free pudding cup.  Again, planning and knowing yourself will keep you safe when your stomach growls.
Remember that preparation is key to everything you do in life, from putting gas in your car before a trip or packing your lunchbox before leaving in the morning for work.  Think ahead of your food and you won't fall trap to convenience and lower nutritional foods!
Ryan Hays Althoff is an IFBB Figure Professional.  While not browsing the isles of Whole Foods or pumping iron, Ryan is volunteering for the Great Dane rescue, playing with her sweet four legged child Peaches, laughing with friends, or visiting doctor’s offices by day as a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative.  Ryan enjoys her busy life, but will always take a laid back day at the beach.