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What has worked, what hasn’t worked?  What was my favorite lift?  When did I see the best results?  Was I dieting and resting as well as I needed to be?  These are all questions I ask myself on a regular basis.  The power of reflection should not be underestimated.  Some of my best workouts are a result of me reflecting on past experiences and adjusting.  For example, I’ve learned that my back workouts are more effective if I place them after my arm workouts to ensure that I am, in fact, using my back and not my arms to lift the weights. A lot of what I do both in and out of the gym has been trial and error and unless you are fortunate enough to have your own trainer, I am assuming others go through the exact same thing I do.  Even then though, everyone is different and what has worked for another person may not be best for you. “No one size fits all” per say, and like many other aspects of life, there is not much you can do to avoid the trial and error aspect, but you can definitely avoid making the same “mistake” twice.  width=After your lifts, on your way to class, or even before bed think about what you did that day and what was effective.  What worked well that day, what didn’t?  Did you enjoy what you did, if you didn’t, what was it worth it in the end, what could you do differently?  Write down anything that you may have learned from that day so you don’t forget, and then put it into effect the next day. Reflecting on my workouts has helped me make my workouts not only more productive, but also more enjoyable.  Like many things, transforming your body is a learning experience and I’m not sure there is any one program that would work for everyone.  So go out, take chances, try new things, but learn from your experiences and move on.   Jack Burdick is majoring in Neuroscience at the University of Minnesota and along with his weightlifting workouts, he competes in marathons and ultra-marathons (50 mile races) and is looking to earn a Cross-Fit title or to be recognized with The World’s Fittest Man title which is reserved for an ultra endurance power athlete.