Getting ready for Mr. Olympia

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 width= The Mr. Olympia Competition is fast approaching and as the elite get ready to compete we can't help but feel excited about being part of this monumental event. An event that started on September 18, 1965 to give champions a chance to train harder and push each other to their limits.  Did the people at the Brooklyn Academy of Music that evening know that they were becoming part of history?   Possibly. September 18th, 1965 became Larry Scott's night.  Nicknamed  The Golden Boy, he was the superstar of the day and like many others who had been named Mr. Universe, there was nowhere else for him to go and compete. It has been reported many times that the reason Joe Weider created this magnificent event was solely to keep Larry in bodybuilding and to promote and grow the sport of bodybuilding.  Did he know how huge this event would become? Maybe. Now, 46 years later, Mr. Olympia has catapulted many to stardom and fame and has done for bodybuilding what no other competition has done for the sport...and to celebrate this great event we will be kicking off a 'Mr. Olympia' contest.  This will be open to all and you will have more than one chance to enter. We are going to give away a bottle of Beast Mode or Creature with a Beast shaker cup for the ultimate winners; there will be two winners.   Make sure to tune in on September 5th for the details. And make sure you sharpen your Mr. Olympia knowledge are going to need them.  Consider yourself forewarned :) Get Big, Be Strong, Keep Fit and Stay Healthy. Beast.   *Thank you to for posting photo above.