Faster Post-Workout Protein and Carb Consumption

Faster Post-Workout Protein and Carb Consumption - Beast Sports Nutrition

Perhaps the most important meal of the day is consumed right after your workout. After countless reps, sets, cardio and more, what you refuel your body with will go a long way towards your goals. This is why I place my focus on faster post-workout protein and carb consumption, and how fast I can absorb these nutrients to start the recovery process. Consuming a quality solid-food meal post-workout, presents a slow digesting process, which is why I refuel with a drink immediately after. I then have my actual food meal, approximately 30-45 minutes later.

One component of post-workout is protein intake. Protein is a building block for gaining lean muscle mass and muscle recovery, which is why it is a widely used macronutrient. My normal protein consumption includes chicken, fish, and eggs. However, post-workout I choose 2 scoops (50g) of Beast Whey and 14-18 ounces of water. As far as how much protein you should consume for yourself in a post workout shake you should try this simple formula. *0.15 – 0.25 grams of protein per Lb of body weight. (Example: myself weighing 225lbs would take in 33g – 56g)

The other component of post-workout recovery is carbs. We all know that the primary function of carbohydrates is to rev the body up providing energy. They also play a key role in helping to rejuvenate the body and restore muscle glycogen that was just depleted during the workout. Typically when your post workout doesn’t include carbs your body may actually break down muscle tissue. Carbs also create an insulin spike to help deliver then nutrients into your muscle tissue faster. So since speed is the name of the game when it comes to post-workout delivery, I apply the same rules with my carb intake. I keep them in a liquid form using either 1 scoop of Primocarb (25g) added into my Beast Whey or 1 Scoop of Re-Animate added.

Post-workout might be widely considered the most critical period for muscle building and it should be treated as such. Focus on the delivery of these key nutrients and you will notice significant changes in your physique and abilities in the gym or on the field.