Exercises For Beastly Arms

Posted by Brandan Fokken on

Here are a few exercises for Beastly arms you can add to any upper-body routine. Basic gym equipment is needed for most. If you are not sure if your back is properly aligned, as with any exercise, please stop and ask a qualified trainer first. Standing Rope Pulldowns: Start with elbows firm at the sides and slowly pull hands down and apart. I make sure to go all the way down and squeeze at the bottom. When in the off-season take the weight up with each set and do 4 to 5 working sets with a rep range of 6-10. When closer to competing keep the weight range about the same and take reps up to 15-20 reps per set, and about 4 to 5 sets. Seated - Behind The Head Single Arm Presses: These can actually be done seated or standing. When standing, the body can be used more to help you lift the weight. Doing them seated helps you to concentrate on using the triceps to do all the work. Keep one hand down and off to the side, lift the weight behind the head and slowly lower back down. Try and keep the elbow pointed upwards as much as possible, and try to keep the shoulder from moving. Take the weight straight up and squeeze, lower back down and repeat. Rep range is between 10-15 reps for 3-4 sets. Standing - Single Arm Pulley Pulldowns: I like to use a lot of cables in my triceps exercises. I feel you should hit both heads, and from different angles. So try and switch up your exercises weekly. I usually will do 4-5 sets of these and do 15-20 reps per set in both on and off-season. I keep my elbow at my side to start, and align my body to the machine. I have a reverse grip on the handle and pull down slowly. When I get to the bottom I squeeze, and then take the weight back up about twice as fast as I brought it down, then repeat. Bench Dips: Start off with your feet on a chair (or bench) in front of you, with your hands behind you on the bench. Push yourself up with a squeeze and then lower back down and repeat. These are good to do at the end of a workout, burning out on them in both on and off-season. Do 3-5 sets with reps ranging from 20-30. For extra resistance you can put weights in your lap. Try to keep the elbows pointed straight back behind you, rather than letting them come out to the sides. Standing Bar Curls: Start with your elbows and arms down at your side. Set feet and make sure your back is straight and aligned. This will ensure less risk of injury, by practicing better form. Slowly curl up and squeeze at the top, lower down and repeat. Off-season will be 4-5 sets with weight going up each set, and on-season will be 4-5 sets with reps ranging between 15-20 going into a show. Standing DB Curls: To start, plant your feet and make sure you are properly aligned, and your back is straight. Start facing forward and with arms to the side. Curl db up and perform a slight twist at the top to really squeeze and push as much blood into the muscle as you can. You are basically trying to break down and tear your muscle fibers, so when they repair, they grow back bigger and stronger. This extra squeeze and concentration on that end of the rep will help ensure you get the most out of the exercise. In both on and off-season, do 3-5 working sets with a rep range of 10-15. Seated Machine Curls: Select weight and seat settings, then start by planting feet, making sure your body is completely aligned. Start with arms to the side and curl up slowly. Do 4-5 sets with 12-20 reps per set.