Day 2 of BEAST's Christmas Giveaway

Posted by Connie K on

 width= The rules are simple (for a more complete set of rules go HERE):
  • Become a FAN of BEAST Sports Nutrition on Facebook.
  • Everyday starting at 1:00am, we will post a question or part of a song and you can enter the contest by answering the question or completing the song phrase each day with your own version.
  • Each day until December 20th, there will be a different phrase to complete; you can enter AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT!
  • Each daily contest is open until midnight.
  • Winner will be announced by 7pm EST the day following each contest.
  • Contest available for anyone over 18 years of age and residing in the United States.
Here are the prizes per day: Dec 9th- Beast T-Shirt Dec 10th- Beast T-Shirt & Sample Packet Dec 11th- Beast Hat, T-Shirt & Sample Packet Dec 12th- Beast Hat, T-Shirt, Sample Packet and Shaker Cup Dec 13th- Beast Hat, T-Shirt & Predator Dec 14th- Beast Hat, T-Shirt & Super Test Dec 15th- Beast Hat, T-Shirt & Amphetalean Dec 16th- Beast Hat, T-Shirt & 2 Shredded Dec 17th- Beast Hat, T-Shirt & Creature Capsules Dec 18th- Beast Hat, T-Shirt, Shaker Cup & Creature Dec 19th- Beast Hat, T-Shirt, Shaker Cup & Beast Mode Dec 20th- Beast Hat, T-Shirt, Shaker Cup, Beast Mode, Creature and Beast Whey

So are you ready ? Here we go:

"What's the best gift you've ever received? (of all time)"

Get Big. Get Strong.  Keep Fit. Stay Healthy.