Chest Series- Part I

Posted by Connie K on

The main priority for most men that we talk to/hear from is to build a bigger chest (arms come in at a close second but we can talk about that later). You can take all the supplements you want, but you may not always get the results you are looking for if you don't exercise right. There are a few simple exercises that could help you develop that bigger chest; they may seem trivial at first, but stick with it and you'll definitely see results: 1. Plyometric Push-Ups- These will help to fire up your nervous system and help to activate more muscle fibers in your chest. The more muscle fibers are activated, the more you will end up using during the workout. Result? Greater gains in size and strength, which will make that chest bigger. Clap push ups are a great example of this exercise. A couple of sets of 4-6 reps before your first lift is all that is needed. It's all about the explosion- make sure to push up hard as you can and be explosive. Of note, IF you cannot do 30 push-ups, then don't try this just yet! 2. Hand Walking- Remember the good old days when you used to play human wheelbarrow at school? Have a partner hold your legs, and do a wheelbarrow walk. This can be done for reps, distance or time. This will not only increase stamina, it will activate the chest muscles and use them differently than normal weight training. If you can't find a partner, don't avoid this exercise and just attach a power wheel to your feet. This is best used as a finisher to your workout. It's going to give you a great pump to your muscles and a positive note to end your session and yeah, you'll be exhausted! 3. Floor Press- Studies show that using a slightly narrower grip activates more of the upper chest. The elbows remain closer to the side of your body which in turn forces the upper chest muscles to assume the brunt of the work. Some even believe that this could activate the chest more than the incline bench. You can also do a variety of sets and reps to change things up a bit. Lay on the ground with feet flat on the floor or legs straight on the floor. If you are new to this, go with the feet on the floor, as you progress, move to the advance version of legs straight on the floor. Bring the bar down and touch the ground with your triceps only while keeping elbows close to your sides. Whatever you do not slam your triceps on the ground! This can lead to injuries and unwanted stress on your arms and wrists. Also, do not let your hips come off the ground. You can do this exercise with dumbbells or barbells but make sure to incorporate some push-up exercise during this workout. This will keep the stretch reflex active in your chest and also help with full range of motion in the chest and shoulder. If you try these, we'd like to hear from you with some feedback. Don't forget to get big, be strong, keep fit and stay healthy. Beast Out.