Beast's Back to School Promotion

Posted by Connie K on

Like a lot of you, one of our Beast Reps, Mike, is going back to school in just a couple of weeks.  Summer jobs are over and hey, we know how it is.  This promotion is all about hooking up one to two lucky members with one of our biggest giveaways! The lucky winner(s) will get: one (1) 5lb tub of Gargantua, one (1) tub of Beast Mode, one (1) tub of Creature AND one (1) bottle of Amphetalean to help with those long study sessions! Mike is not requiring any logs but we are asking that you provide an initial and final review for all the of the items that you win. Oh and post a review on the store- easy enough right? Rules are simple: Tell us about yourself and why you NEED to win this contest.  As a bonus, what are some of your short and long term fitness goals and how do you think these products can help you? For more information, please visit Mike's page HERE. Disclaimers: There will definitely be one winner; if we get loads of entries, we will choose two winners. Contest open to US residents only.