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Beach Workout: Get Pumped and Look Great!

Posted by Team Beast on

Beach Workout: Get Pumped and Look Great! - Beast Sports Nutrition

There’s something about the ocean that makes many of us forget about all of our problems and just be in the moment. It’s a time where we can unwind and find relaxation from the hustle and grind of our daily lives. The smell of the salt water in the air. The sound of crashing waves and seagulls squawking. The cool breeze coming off of the water. It’s paradise. What better place to fit in an amazing workout to get you pumped and looking great? The beach workout found in this article was designed to help you achieve a pump and attain the fullness you’re looking for to impress the masses when you strip down to your trunks or bikini.

Rise and Grind

If you gave me the power to lay everything out for you, I would recommend utilizing the beach workout found below first thing in the morning. Think of it as a rise and grind mentality. Sure, you’re at the beach to probably get away from work but that doesn’t mean you can’t rise early and get in a fantastic beach workout to kickstart your day. In fact, there are several reasons why I would actually recommend following this strategy.

When you are on vacation, many of us tend to get out of our rhythm. We want to wake up later, have a few extra adult beverages, eat food that we normally wouldn’t consider on our nutrition plan, and overall enjoy putting our feet up and relaxing. That’s all fine and dandy but if you don’t want to go home from the beach feeling like a beached whale, it would be a good idea to continue your workout regimen even while at the beach.

The reason behind starting your day off with your beach workout is multi-faceted. The first reason is to actually get you up and out of bed. Don’t waste your time on vacation sleeping in. You could have done that at home. The hardest part is getting up early but from there, everything tends to get easier. You get to hit the beach before the crowd gets there and the sand is completely consumed with people, beach towels, umbrellas, kids, and sand castles. You get to watch the sun rise while you work up a sweat as well, which is quite an experience in itself. 

Getting your workout in first thing upon waking also ensures you actually get your workout in for the day. More times than not, you may have good intentions of fitting in a beach workout, but then you get busy, you spend time out in the sun with family and/or friends which makes you tired and worn out and before you know it you skipped the beach workout altogether. Therefore, get it done early so you can enjoy the rest of your day along with carrying around your pump following your fun beach workout.





No Shoes… No Shirt… No Problem! 

Where do we start? First thing’s first – find an area of the beach that isn’t overly populated with people’s belongings, beach towels, kids throwing the football around, and people running around that you’re going to get in the way. Feel free to lose the shoes and shirt, make yourself at home. Welcome to the best free gym you’ll ever find.

*Note: Any form of exercise comes with some inherent risk. An intense program such as a beach workout can have negative side effects if you have health issues known or unknown. It would be wise to consult with your doctor to ensure you are healthy enough before engaging in any workout program, including the one found in this article.

The first thing you want to do is get the blood pumping and muscles loose. To do this, you can either walk for five minutes or do something such as jumping jacks to warm up the body. If you walked to the beach, you can use that as your warm up. Following the warm-up, you will move directly into the workout.

The beach workout outlined below is to be completed as a circuit. Therefore, you are going to start with the first exercise and move your way through each until you complete them all. Then, start all over again. You can complete anywhere from 3-5 circuits of the beach workout. 

Jaw-Dropping, Muscle-Pumping Beach Workout

Here are the meat and potatoes, or if you’re dieting, the grilled chicken and broccoli of the program (that was a joke). The purpose of the beach workout below is to not only help you burn calories but to also help you achieve a pump to have you looking your best the rest of the day.



Jump Squats


Walking Lunges


Push Ups



15-30 seconds

Alternating Shoulder Taps


Close-Grip Push Ups




20-Yard Sprint


Walk 20 Yards Back to Starting Point


Repeat 2-4 more times


After you are done with your workout, you are going to want to cool down for five minutes. Personally, I’d recommend saving yourself some time by using that cool down to walk back to the place you are staying while at the beach (assuming it would be a five minute or so walk) so you can get showered up and ready for the day OR if you have your swimsuit on, go jump in the ocean and walk around in the water using it as a little bit of resistance during your cool down. 

Enjoy your time at the beach but don’t forget your workouts! Feel free to print out this beach workout and take it with you or screenshot it on your phone so you have it with you when you head to vacation. Stay healthy, stay fit, and most of all, have fun!