Arm Day Like A Beast

Arm Day Like A Beast - Beast Sports Nutrition

There is such a thing as doing too much for a muscle group and basically doing more harm than good. Do yourself a favor and give the 'Arm Day Like A Beast' workout below a try. I believe that not only will you get a great workout, pump, and overall satisfaction, but you will also open up your schedule a bit more and optimize that precious time we all have so little of. Have a good day y’all, and don’t forget to Train Like A Beast! If you are like most folks then you have heard (or said), “I don’t have time to go to the gym and stay there for hours upon hours.” Not saying that’s an excuse, because in most cases that is absolutely true! Then there are those folks who can only be at the gym a few days out of the week instead of the 5-6 days some folks like to get in. For those short on days, I ask you this, “have you ever tried doing biceps and triceps on the same day?” Granted, I understand that people like to give an entire workout to each muscle group, but keep in mind that the triceps take a beating as a secondary muscle during chest (and even certain shoulder) exercises, and the biceps as well during a back exercises. So don’t beat yourself up if you feel that because you didn’t finish a 6 exercise workout with 150 reps dedicated to biceps, that they aren’t getting a fully optimal workout. The way I like to do it is to dedicate 3 exercises per muscle-group and completely put all my focus towards weight, form, and execution. Cambered Bar Push Downs: 3-4sets x 10-12reps: Use a close-grip on bar, be sure you are pushing down and not pulling. Rope Push Downs: 3-4 sets x 15reps: At the bottom of the rep, be sure to pull the rope apart and emphasize triceps contraction. Reverse Pull-Downs: 3-4sets x 20reps: Use a cambered bar and place hands on outermost curve. Alternating Dumbbell Standing Dumbbell Curls: (Hands Supinated) 3-4sets x 10reps: Make sure to have back of hands resting on thighs when in start position. Single Arm Preacher Curls: 4 sets x 10reps with dropset on 4th set x 8reps: Get full extension in elbow. If weight is too much to allow this, then lighten the weight. Neutral Grip Preacher Curls: 4 sets x 10reps with DROPSET on 4th set x 8reps: This is not going to be the same amount of weight you can do for regular preacher curls. Choose a lighter weight and get comfortable with form before attempting heavier amounts.