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7 Simple Weight Loss Strategies

Posted by Team Beast on

7 Simple Weight Loss Strategies - Beast Sports Nutrition

Too many people brush off losing weight because they think it’s “too hard.” Yet, what they fail to realize, is that it’s not as complicated as they make it out to be. There are some simple weight loss strategies that everyone can implement TODAY that can yield amazing results with some commitment and consistency. I know those two “C” words are like dropping the f-bomb for many. Take a peek at the strategies below, and figure out which ones you are willing to implement NOW for a better TOMORROW.

1. Eat MORE snacks

The first of our weight loss strategies is to eat more snacks. I know this might be the opposite of what you were thinking, but it’s true. However, the key is to eat the RIGHT snacks. I’m not talking about hitting up the vending machine and grabbing some potato chips or pretzels. I’m talking about snacks such as an apple with a handful of nuts, celery with natural peanut butter, a protein bar or shake, or something like carrots with hummus. Your snacks should be healthy and something that can hold you over until your next meal. Temptation can get the best of us, so plan ahead and have healthy snacks at your desk or in your bag so, in a pinch, you have something ready to go.

2. Prep your fridge

We live a busy lifestyle and when we are hungry and crunched for time, we generally grab something quick from the refrigerator and down it as if we haven’t eaten a meal in three months. The foods that are generally consumed are more than likely items you should keep to a minimum. For that reason, it’s ideal to stock your fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables as well as lean protein sources. If you want to take things a step further, have individual meals prepared ahead of time in something like Tupperware that you can quick heat and eat or that you can quickly toss in your bag and take it with you to consume at lunch.

3. Break your fast with breakfast

Personally, I’m not a fan of “breakfast” in the sense of eating in the morning. I follow an intermittent fasting eating schedule, so I bypass grabbing something to eat before starting work. However, for many people, not eating something in the morning leads to overconsumption later in the day or binge-eating something they should be staying away from. If this is you, sit down and eat a nutritious breakfast before you head out the door. Make yourself some eggs, have a yogurt, heck, make a protein shake if you’re strapped for time – the key is to at least eat something to keep you satiated until lunch.

4. Use a smaller plate at meals

Next on the list of simple weight loss strategies is a tip I like to give out regarding your actual plate. Have you looked at your dishes lately? The plates are HUGE. Just because you have a plate that resembles a serving platter doesn’t mean you need to fill the entire thing with food and leave no white space showing. Downsize! Grab a smaller plate and use that at meals. It will still give you the illusion of a “full plate” yet will minimize potentially an extra hundred calories or more. Fill up half of your plate with protein, and split the other half into healthy fats and carbohydrates.

5. Chew slowly and enjoy the flavors

What many people don’t realize is that when we eat, it takes some time before our stomach and brain are on the same wavelength and give you the feeling of being full. Chewing slowly not only helps break down your food as well as allows you to enjoy all the flavors, but it also gives your stomach and brain some time to get on the same page and realize that you should stop eating. We all live rushed lives where we don’t have tons of time to sit down and eat, but chewing slowly is a great strategy to help you with your weight loss goal.

6. Grab a bowl and not the bag

One of the most overlooked weight loss strategies is not actually planning how much of something you’re going to eat. How often do you grab a bag of something as an evening snack, sit down on the couch, watch your favorite reality television show (aka “garbage”), and just about polish off an entire bag of whatever you grabbed? You’re not alone, as most people fall into the same trap. To keep yourself from regretting the 1,000 calories you just consumed, get a bowl out and put a handful of whatever you’re planning on eating in it. I would highly recommend it being a healthy snack, but baby steps would be to at least minimize the total amount of whatever you are thinking of consuming.

7. Become friends with fiber

If you haven’t already, seek out fibrous foods and introduce yourself. You are going to want to become acquainted with these items in an effort to minimize hunger. Not only does fiber help keep your regular (I’m hoping I don’t need to have the poop talk with you), but it also keeps you satiated throughout the day. I’m not saying you need to go overboard with it (not that consuming a good amount of fiber is a bad thing), but seek out items such as apples, oats, and broccoli as snack items between meals. As they say with shampoo, a little bit goes a long way.


If you have all of these strategies in order and want to kick it up a notch, you can try a fat burner to further ignite your metabolism and burn extra calories throughout the day to enhance your weight loss strategies. Beast Sports 2 Shredded is the ultimate fat-burning product that can help burn body fat, decrease water retention, support a healthy thyroid, and increase thermogenesis. If that wasn’t enough, 2 Shredded helps keep you energized all day long while also helping to fuel your most intense workouts.