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5 Fall Accessories For Outdoor Workouts

Posted by Team Beast on

5 Fall Accessories For Outdoor Workouts

Summer is over, and just like that, fall and cooler weather is already here. Just because the temps are slowly dropping doesn't mean your metabolism should do the same. Keep progressing towards your goals by utilizing fun and adventurous outdoor workouts. 

Outdoor workouts have the ability not only to challenge you physically, but they can also help you clear your mind versus the dreaded treadmill workouts while staring into space at the gym. But, I don't want you to be ill-prepared for your outdoor workouts, so I have some fall accessories you should consider. Here are five that I thought you would find most useful. 

1.    Moisture-Wicking Beanie or Hat 

With cooler weather here, you are going to want to keep your head warm during your outdoor workouts. This can be something like a moisture-wicking beanie or hat. The main thing is to ensure you have proper head coverage to help retain heat, all while wicking away any sweat you may have due to your intense workout. 

If possible, find a beanie or hat that is of a lighter fabric versus a winter beanie or heavy hat, which will cause you to sweat and potentially overheat. Whichever direction you go, you'll want to ensure it is breathable to keep you comfortable during your outdoor workouts. 

2.    Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds 

There are tons of wired headphones out on the market these days but let's be honest, when you're working out, those wires always seem to get in the way. And those clunky over-the-ear headphones just won't do for your workouts due to the high intensity of your outdoor workouts constantly shifting them around on your dome. Add a hat or beanie into the mix and forget about it! 

To keep things convenient, compact, and functional, go for wireless Bluetooth earbuds. These will fit securely in your ears and will stay in place no matter how grueling your workout may be. Also, because they are wireless Bluetooth enabled, you can stream music right from your phone without the nuisance of all of those cords to get tangled up in. Additionally, when you're wearing your beanie or hat mentioned above, it can fit correctly and be extremely comfortable even when your beanie is pulled down over your ears to keep you warm. 

3.    Performance Long-Sleeve Top 

This time of year can make dressing for outdoor workouts a little challenging. It's not bitter cold, yet it's not quite warm enough for long sleeves. So, what do you do? Pick up a performance long-sleeve shirt from whatever athletic apparel company you wish to support – they are all pretty much the same thing, only with a different fancy term for their cold-weather line of apparel. 

You will find that many of these items are a lighter material that breathes yet gives you sufficient coverage to allow you to stay warm when taking part in outdoor workouts and braving the elements. 

4.    Compression Pants 

Something to consider this fall if you don't currently use them is compression pants. Some may even call them "tights." Either way, they act as an extra layer of skin and still allow you to move freely without restriction, making them the perfect bottom layer for your outdoor workouts. Now, gentlemen, you may want to wear some shorts over your compression pants (for obvious reasons unless you care to leave nothing to the imagination). Even with shorts over top of the compression pants, they are still extremely comfortable and would at least give you some pockets to store your cell phone or keys, so you don't need to hold them in your hands. 

Some compression pants for women already come with small pockets where you can slide your phone into or something just large enough to store your keys and get them out of the way. But overall, compression pants are a great way to keep your lower body warm, muscles loose, and still maintain your mobility without the restriction that pants can bring or the extra fabric shifting around down by your feet. 

5.    Wearable Fitness Tracker 

If you are serious about your outdoor workouts, look into purchasing a wearable fitness tracker such as a watch or band. There are many brands out there with many different features. Find one that suits your needs and run with it (no pun intended). Some have GPS trackers so you can track your cardio session. Some have heart rate monitors built into them to give you the ability to monitor your heart rate and ensure you're in the correct zone. Some have lap timers and all the other bells and whistles you can think of. 

Regardless of which you go with, wear it religiously during your outdoor workouts to give yourself the ability to track and monitor your progress. There's nothing more motivating than beating a previous time or record.