Beast Challenge

We want to help you create the Beast body you want in 2018, so we're giving you a detailed 30-day plan created by Team Beast athlete Erica Altman.

Included are full, intense workouts designed to burn fat while building muscle. Each week you will increase stamina by gradually incorporating full-body workouts, helping you transform your body in the gym.

We've also created a special Lean Beast Stack to help you stay in fat-burning mode for all 30 days. It comes with 5 products, including the new Super Sauna and BCAA Ripped, and a special New Year price of $99.99 (and FREE shipping). You also get a nutrition plan that works, is easy to follow and includes plenty of tasty choices.

LASTLY, we're giving you a chance to WIN FREE PRIZES, all by simply doing the program for all 30 days!! Simply use the hashtag #NewYearNewBeast during the 30 day plan! We will select 2 winners to receive a FREE LEAN BEAST STACK, while 10 winners will receive a Beast Sports sample pack! All for just committing to 30 days!

It's 2018, and it's time for A New You, A New Beast! Let's go!