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   For 26 years, Beast Sports Nutrition has given hundreds of thousands of athletes an extra gear to accomplish the unthinkable. Across the planet, we've powered professional athletes, Mr. Olympia bodybuilders, military operators, and heroes like yourself. 

You know that "extra gear" by a better name, though:

Beast Mode.

. We know it because we are it. The Beast Mode series of pre-workout supplements have hyper-charged millions of workouts throughout time, leaving a legacy on generations of workout warriors. 

But there's something beyond Beast Mode. Something harder to define. It's that moment of pure clarity. A singleness of purpose. A tunnel-vision that's nearly indescribable. 

Some people call it "the zone"... others just define the feeling as "it". But we have a better name:

The X-Factor 

When you have the X-Factor, you're dialed in beyond reason. In the gym, it's not only intense, it's euphoric. Despite the wreckage left behind, the X-Factor makes the hardest workouts become the most fun and satisfying. 

Problem is, this feeling is elusive. It comes when it's least expected, and is fleeting when it does come. 

But there's good news: we've captured the X-Factor. We found a way to harness the euphoric high of an insane workout and we put it into a bottle

Combined with our knowledge of all things Beast Mode, we've created a pre-workout supplement to get you into the X-Factor -- without going over the top. And we've given it the rightful next name in the Beast Mode pre-workout series:

Beast Mode X

Introducing Beast Mode X, here from the scientists at Beast Sports Nutrition to power you with a wave of unforgettable earth-shattering workouts. 

With Beast Mode X, we've captured the essence of a laser-focused, euphoric training session -- without the crash, anxiety, cold sweats, tingles, or any other annoyances that modern pre-workouts dump on you. 

We're hitting multiple pathways to dial you into the X-Factor and keep you there, and have the long-lasting pumps and muscle-building support to go along with it. 

In _25_ true servings, each with 275 milligrams of caffeine in a timed blend, we're going to light up circuits that you haven't felt for years. And yes, we mention true servings because this is a true one scoop supplement - no two-scoop nonsense needed with this one. 

If you're ready to enter the X-Factor Mindset, then you're ready for Beast Mode X. Try it now, or keep reading for more details: 

The Beast Mode X Formula

We begin with the energy and focus blend, because that's what's going to spark the fire in your eyes before you even enter the gym. The energy blend: initiate your

In a single scoop, Beast Mode X ignites with a tiered blast of 275 milligrams of caffeine, provided by 200 milligrams of caffeine anhydrous combined with 100 milligrams of slower-releasing di-caffeine malate. Topped with caffeine's longer-lasting cousin theobromine, this blend hits perfectly hard to awaken the Beast inside you, and lasts perfectly long. Never too much, and thanks to the rest of the formula, definitely not too little. 

But caffeine is only the beginning. 

Beast Sports Nutrition is proud to present the first conventional pre-workout supplement to utilize RhodioPrime 6X -- a unique Rhodiola extract that's standardized for cognitive-boosting salidroside, at a powerful 6% standardization. When we say that Beast Mode X is euphoric, this is the main reason why: salidroside targets the mood-boosting serotonergic system that other pre-workouts ignore. 

While the competition just dumps all over your dopamine and adenosine receptors with questionable stimulants and excessive caffeine, thanks to RhodioPrime 6X, we've found a better way to intensify your training. It doesn't just feel good - it feels great. The X-Factor has begun. 

But don't get us wrong -- we're not against hitting those dopamine receptors while we're at it. We've also included a 25 milligram yield of Dynamine to pop you with a motivating kick so that you step into the Beast Mode mindset before you even march through the door. Dynamine is known as methylliberine, and it's a fast-acting stimulant that adds to the energy without adding turbulence.

Multi-Pathway Focus

 The above ingredients provide an incredible focus-enhancing effect that can easily stand alone. But we can do more - and that's accomplished by arming your body with the compounds needed to generate more feel-good neurotransmitters, preparing you for the X-Factor state of mind. 

The first is L-Tyrosine, a focus-enhancing ingredient that serves as the precursor to chemicals your body secretes during flight or fight scenarios.  And if you haven't figured it out yet, with this combination, we're instructing your body to choose to fight

To make things better, choline has been added as a substrate for our mind-muscle connection neurotransmitter, acetylcholine. With more choline, we ensure that your brain has what it needs to fire the synapses that keep your muscles firing. 

But that's not all. Even some of our pump ingredients provide focus too:

Long-lasting Pumps with Clinical Backing 

If you haven't noticed, Beast Mode X is different. No tingles. No cold sweats. No crash. But we've got another change-up for you: a unique pump blend that combines nitric oxide amplification with cellular hydration

It all starts with a full 1.5 gram dose of Nitrosigine, also known as inositol-stabilized arginine silicate. Arginine is the precursor to the blood flow boosting nitric oxide molecule, but plain old arginine fails due to its premature digestion. 

With Nitrosigine, we have a stabilized form of arginine that prevents the early breakdown of the amino acid, getting it to where it needs to go to generate nitric oxide. More nitric oxide means more blood flow, and more blood flow means pumps. Epic pumps. It works insanely well, is backed by numerous research trials, and the effect lasts far longer than your workout ever will. 

That blood flow doesn't just go to your muscles, either -- Nitrosigine has been shown to improve cognition and perceived energy. Literally every ingredient in Beast Mode X promotes focus in a unique way: we are that serious about putting your mindset on another level. 

Yet there's another way to get you pumped - with water

Betaine and taurine combine to boost muscle gains, hydration, and endurance - and we have both clinically dosed here. Research has repeatedly shown that this 2.5 gram dosage of betaine can boost muscle growth and weight loss, while taurine has been shown to reliably -- and quickly -- improve endurance. 

More water, more cellular swelling, more endurance, more volume… and more gains. This isn't just a euphoric pre-workout supplement - it's an ergogenic innovation. And it's all here in one heroic scoop.

Beast Mode X is here. 

You're now ready to enter the X-Factor mindset. And after you've blissfully laid waste to your surroundings, you'll look forward to doing it again the day after - and beyond.

 Drink up, Beasts. It's time for Beast Mode X.


Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Carlos Santos

I won’t lie I’m someone who normally stays away from pre workouts. I decided to get this after a sample I received which was great. Energy levels were definitely there along with nice pump. As someone who doesn’t use pre workouts or any caffeine I feel this hit me super hard, for that reason I decided to reduce my dose from a scoop to a little less the half. Unfortunately, I’m a bit disappointed my order was suppose to come with a shirt for the promo they had but it didn’t. Other than that I would recommend this product, but definitely be cautious if you’re like me and don’t normally do caffeine!

James Sakoski
My new favorite preworkout

Love the energy it gives me during my workouts, I don't feel super jittery either which I enjoy.

Solid Energy and Focus

Really liking this pre workout. Doesn’t leave me feeling jittery at all but definitely gives some extra sustained energy that lasts through even my longest workouts. The thing I love most though is that there is a lot of mental clarity and laser focus that I’ve never gotten from another pre workout. Will buy again!

best pre workout hands down

Best pre workout I’ve tried recently plus the BEST ONE by beast over the years hands down. LOVE the effects and the energy it gives you, no crush. Definitely recommend to anybody who needs this focus, blood flow and pump.

Roc Morgan

Good stuff it gets you pumped with lasting energy without all the tingling and jitters when you fist take it in. You might feel it’s not working until you realize you’ve been going hard for hours without energy loss 💪🏾!