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The reality is, burning fat can be challenging but burning fat without losing muscle is even more challenging. So, instead of drastically dropping your calories and destroying your metabolism, we have an easier solution for you. 2SHREDDED is a potent fat-burning complex designed to send your metabolism into hyperdrive, boost energy levels, suppress appetite, and burn body fat - WITHOUT losing out on your hard-earned muscle.


  • Mobilize And Burn Off Fat Cells
  • Prevent Muscle Loss
  • Supercharge Your Metabolism
  • Reduce Bloating
  • Burn MORE Calories around The Clock
  • Naturally, Suppress appetite
  • ...WITHOUT the frustrating jitters and crash “standard fat-burners” punish you with.



For the average man or woman looking to burn that stubborn body fat and tone up, or athletes who’re trying to shed those last few pounds of body fat - the conditions of modern society have made it extremely difficult to burn fat without losing muscle. We’re less active than we used to be decades ago with greater access to food, resulting in lowered metabolisms and more binge. And most people still believe that simply eating fewer calories is the solution, yet they are far from wrong.

That's because fat loss is more than "calories in, calories out". If your body isn't in the right state for fat loss, it will burn muscle instead, wreak havoc on your hormones, and destroy your energy levels.


And does so WITHOUT the need for extremely restrictive eating or countless hours on the treadmill. Now, we’re not suggesting you replace a healthy diet and an active lifestyle with supplementation, however, 2 SHREDDED will absolutely accelerate your results.


  1. REVS UP THE METABOLISM: Stimulation of the metabolism forces your body to burn more calories, for an extended period of time.
  2. STIMULATES THE THYROID: A healthy thyroid is vital for effective weight loss. 2 Shredded stimulates the thyroid to fight weight gain and fatigue.
  3. INHIBITS WATER RETENTION: The dandelion and horsetail extracts found in 2 Shredded acts as a natural diuretic to prevent the retention of excess water and reduce bloating.
  4. INCREASES DAILY ENERGY: The caffeine and theobromine in this supplement help to keep your energy levels high so you can remain active throughout the day.
  5. MAINTAINS BODY TEMPERATURE: Evodiamine is the primary ingredient that helps to regulate your body temperature for optimal fat burning.
  6. SUPPRESSES APPETITE & CRAVINGS:Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy and cave when it comes to snacking/overeating. 2 Shredded helps to prevent this.



That's what we've accomplished here. If you're sick and tired of struggling to burn fat, maintain muscle, and achieve that leaner, more ripped physique that you've always dreamt of then it's time to take action.

2 SHREDDED is packaged and sold in quantities of 60 veggie caps. For best results, use 2 Shredded as a dietary supplement. Take 1-2 capsules twice per day for the first three days. After that, it’s recommended for users to continue taking 2 veggie caps twice daily with meals and to drink at least 64 oz. of water daily. If burning fat effectively is your goal, add 2 Shredded today!



  1. We would never recommend not having a normal exercise/fitness routine of some kind. It is unlikely that any weight loss product on the market would be very helpful to those who never do any physical activity. We encourage people to look at supplements as a “helper” to healthy eating habits and exercise in order to achieve the best health and physique.
  2. 2 Shredded has many helpful ingredients that can decrease fatigue, which is often related to a low functioning thyroid. The tried and true active ingredients will also counteract the slow metabolism caused by a low functioning thyroid. We have also heard from many of our customers that they experienced less brain fog and low body temperatures that are often associated with low functioning thyroid issues. Although 2 Shredded can help the symptoms of low functioning thyroid issues, we still recommend visiting your doctor in order to determine if you need medical treatment.
  3. We have heard very few complaints about this from our customers, but it is important to remember that supplements can affect everyone differently. In order to avoid adverse effects from supplements, please avoid taking more than what is recommended on the label.

Finding an effective weight loss complex that won’t cause bloating, burning, or an upset stomach can be tricky. For those in need of a professional-strength thermogenic weight loss complex that helps your body get lean in five different ways, 2 Shredded is the product for you. Beast Sports Nutrition’s 2 Shredded is the answer for those looking for a lean and mean look. 2 Shredded is designed to stimulate the thyroid, speed up the metabolism, regulate body temperature for effective fat burning, support your body’s natural diuretic function, and suppress appetite and hunger cravings. Beast 2 Shredded is packed with healthy ingredients that work together to create an effective weight loss solution. Caffeine and theobromine are intended to keep your energy levels high during the day to increase activity. Horsetail and dandelion extracts act as natural diuretics that can help reduce bloating and excessive water retention. Evodiamine is the primary thermogenic producer that helps to regulate the body’s temperature, working like chili pepper or capsaicin in many ways – but without the upset stomach or burning side effects. When you combine these ingredients and take it as directed, Beast 2 Shredded can significantly improve your fat burning.

This product is packaged and sold in quantities of  60 veggie caps. For best results, use Beast 2 Shredded as a dietary supplement. Take 1-2 capsules twice per day for the first three days. After that, it’s recommended for users to continue taking 2 veggie caps twice daily with meals and to drink at least 64 oz. of water daily. If burning fat effectively is your goal, add Beast 2 Shredded today!