Why not Step it Up a Notch, or Three?

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I've seen the same people at gyms for the last few years looking exactly the same. Guess where the most common place in the gym is that I see these people? That's right! The cardio room. Don't get me wrong, cardio is a great tool for overall health and composition, but it is just that, a TOOL. It's like a hammer. You can have a hammer but can't really build you anything great without the nail, wood, and blueprints. Especially when you've been using the same old hammer over and over again banging on the same thing, with the same force for last few years. Get it? Probably not. What I'm trying to point out is that these people you see "not changing" are hammering away at their cardio while forgetting their other pieces. They should be using weights, and other forms of resistance, as well as different levels of intensity in their workouts. Is it because they are unknowledgable, scared, or would rather not put in that kind of effort? It could be all of thee above, but c'mon, step it up a notch or three and make your body work for the results you want. Slowly pedaling and while reading on the stationary bike for an hour VS. High-Intensity Intervals for 20 minutes. Guess which one is gonna make you sweat and breathe hard? Now guess which one is gonna give you greater results? Yep. Step it up and after it. Sometimes less can be more.    width= Stephen Obar (@OBARmuscle) is a writer for various fitness publications, a personal trainer, diet coach and a cancer survivor. Stephen currently spends his time hitting the weights as well as continuing to soak up all he can on the newest and latest bodybuilding and nutrition studies and news.  When he is 'relaxing', you can find him in the kitchen, and overseeing his little brother's nutrition and training as he is a sponsored Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete.