Where do you find your Motivation?

Posted by Connie K on

 width=I’m going to touch on a subject that has been written on thousands of times. What is different with what I’m explaining about it is that I want people to understand how to apply these methods to help them reach their goals. Motivation can be described as a Stimulus or Influence. I want to explain two ways to stimulate yourself or be influenced in the manner that leads to you reaching your ultimate goal whether it be overall health, building muscularity, burning fat, running a 10k, etc.. The first method I’d like to explain is Influence: whether your being influenced over wanting a lifestyle change or maybe you look up to someone who has done what you are striving to do. Most love having someone to identify with and look up to, even I look up to a few other guys in the Physique and Fitness industry. With that being said, ask yourself who is your motivational influence for fitness or overall well being? Do you have someone who you look up to or strive to be like, and if so why are they an influential person in your life? Maybe your a mother with a house full of children working a full time job, crunched on time and find it hard to live the healthy lifestyle you want. In another instance maybe your a guy looking to burn fat/drop weight or build solid lean muscle while changing your physique and molding yourself after someone you look up to and  in both cases you find someone who has accomplished these things while identifying with a lifestyle similar to yours. These would be considered influential people, a great motivating factor! While reading this if you could not think of one person you look up to I strongly recommend picking up a Health and Fitness magazine and reading some inspirational stories, and hopefully you will find someone who truly inspires you, it does not matter if your the beginning gym goer or an advanced professional athlete, just try it! Another method that is commonly used is visualization stimulus. Key word STIMULUS. A commonly used method that is so simple but yet under rated. If you can stimulate your mind into to seeing what the final result you are working towards physically is then you are more likely to achieve that goal. Your mind is the most powerful weapon you have, period! A phrase that has been used since the ages of Arnold,  is “putting your mind into the muscle” which basically means seeing what you have now and visualizing how you want it to look. It has statistically and scientifically been proven when you use this method you stimulate more muscle growth that ultimately pushes you closer to the finished product! One visualization technique I use for burning fat is, when I’m on the Stairmill or Treadmill I focus on my metabolism being an incinerator and the harder I push the more fat is put into the incinerator and that alone pushes me harder and stimulates my mind and motivates me! Your imagination and how you see things are you limiting factor when it comes to visualizing. With an endless imagination you can do anything, and that goes for everything in life! If you can see it and dream it YOU CAN make it happen! Once you see your body change whether your losing weight/burning fat,or bulking up and adding mass nothing feels better than to see firsthand your goals and visions coming to realization! Whatever it takes to motivate you or light a fire under yourself to get you going then I strongly recommend you find what it is and APPLY it, always remember that you can do ANYTHING you put your mind to!    width=Michael is a 22 year old NPC Men's Physique Competitor. He earned his IFBB Pro card at Nationals Nov 19 2011. He has also earned 3 nationally accredited personal training certifications and has managed several personal training companies up and down the East coast helping thousands of people reach their fitness goals. His ultimate goal is to inspire and help anyone that he can to reach their maximum fitness potential!