Myostatin Breakthrough?

Posted by Vincent Russo on

 width=So the big story lately has been how to control your bodys myostatin. In case you didn't know, myostatin is a protein that limits muscle growth. It acts as a signaling molecule between growth factors and is transported throughout the body via bloodstream which then attaches to specific receptors on the cellular membrane. There is a new muscle building agent that is being tested for the use of neuromuscular diseases which will act as another receptor for the GDF-8 protein called ACE-031. ACE is a completely human, recombinant fusion protein which acts as a decoy version of ActRIIB which will remove the GDF-8 protein (aka. myostatin). GDF-8 binds to the ActRIIB receptor and sends an "off" signal to stop muscle production. All in all, Decreased ActRIIB Signaling Results in Muscle Growth. Genes do account for the production of many proteins, so turning one gene off isn't the brightest idea, although this is used as a decoy more then turning the whole gene off, there are still future studies to be done to see what full effects this can have. So far so good, but this breakthrough could be the new muscle building edge of the future as well as future treatment of MDS and other muscular diseases! Should this research be continued and supported as if there is a successful breakthrough, will the world of bodybuilding take advantage of this?   Vincent Russo, 25 years old from Kenilworth NJ. Has a BA in Biology from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison NJ. A Team Athlete, Silver Model, High School Football Coach, Substitute Teacher, Waiter/bartender. Was a top 5 finalist out of 500 guys for‘s 2012 BodySpace Spokes Model.  Compete in the Men’s Physique category where in recent competitions placed 2nd in NPC East Coasts (Nov. 2011), and 3rd in‘s BodySpace Spokes model competition (LA Fit Expo 2012).