The Beast Inside Us All

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You know you’ve come across it, it’s the anger, the drive, the “where did that come from?” It pushes you through the final reps, the extra mile, the personal record, or the tightness of crunch time. There is a beast inside us all. Even you! Some lay dormant, others arrive on-time or some too late.  It can be described as an extra gear, a violent shove in the right direction, or the need to feed.  It’s a noticeable, welcomed, change. Some people have the benefit of a particularly vicious beast. It lies within every heart of a champion.  The ability to turn it on, however, resides within each individual. The beast mindset creates the ability for greatness. If one so chooses, it will lead you down the path towards glory. It will compel you forward when you want to slow down. It will push you ahead when your body aches for a break. It’s ethereal, innate. You either have it or you don’t. This choice doesn’t come without its own trials though. Sacrifice, discipline, and self worth are all benefits of the beast. The beast knows what should come first and always acts accordingly. The beast knows what is acceptable and what isn’t.  The beast doesn’t need the approval of others; it just needs the conviction in its own self. The beast makes you stronger, makes you better, makes you happier! Although the beast can be ultimately used for success, some people are beguiled by its capabilities. There are specific times and places for such a force. Using it haphazardly or for fake purpose weakens its authority.  You can’t always be the beast, or else you’ll become consumed by it. Proper balance of one’s self, with one’s more powerful darkness is necessary for accomplishment. Do not fall into unnecessary pitfalls bellied by the beast. Always stay true to one self. I think we all know what I am talking about here. It lies within; use it sensibly to achieve maximum performance and dedication. You have your finger on the trigger.      width= Marc-Antoine Andrade is a NPC National Level Bodybuilder, Model and Trainer.  He was the National Powerlifting Champion from 1998-2000 in the 242lb. class.  After taking some time off, he became what most consider morbidly obese weighing in at 300lbs; four years later, that is just a memory.  Check out his transformation HERE.  Today, he competes in the heavyweight division and most recently has placed 1st in the 2011 NE Muscle Classic, 7th in Jr. Nationals.