Size matters

Posted by Connie K on

Ok now that I have your attention, get your mind out of the gutter 'cause we're not headed that way. Next time you go to the gym, take a look around you and you'll notice a pretty diverse group of individuals.  Short, tall, skinny, fat, and muscular. Dr. William Sheldon did a study and ended up grouping people into three different categories: endomorphs,  ectomorphs and mesomorphs. Here's an example of an Endomorph:  width=We all know sumo wrestlers are unbelievably strong.  Building muscle is not a problem for them, but for this body type, losing fat IS a huge problem.  And not to compare with sumo wrestlers because they keep the weight on for a purpose.  If you are in this body group, you are short to medium in height and you tend to have more fat cells and larger bones. Now let's talk about Ectomorphs:


If you are an ectomorph you have  a lot of good things going for you; for one, an incredibly fast metabolism.  A lot of runners and decathletes are good examples of ectomorphs.  If you are an ectomorph you are often referred to as skinny and ectomorphs are lucky because they have a hard time gaining fat; however they have a difficult time gaining muscle and have to work harder than either group to attain a muscular look.

Finally we have the Mesomorphs:  width= These are the most blessed when it comes to bodybuilding; large bones, no problem building body mass and most lose fat easily.  If you are in this group, consider yourself lucky. And to confuse matters even more, few people fit into one category; most of us are a combination of two of these so in order to get the best out of your workout, you should really sit down and figure out which body type you fit in best. For example if you are an endomorph, you are going to gain fat easily so you should keep the rest in between sets to a minimum and cardio will play a big role in your weight loss. Close attention to your diet is also key. Ectomorphs can keep their workouts short and the majority of exercises should involve more than one muscle group at a time.  Rest in between is your luxury and cardio should be kept to a minimum (two to three 30 minute sessions a week) because you need to use your excess calories to build muscle tissue. Finally, mesomorphs, aka the lucky ones or the gifted ones will build the most muscle mass and can drop fat levels to those of an ectomorph.  They have such a fast recovery system that they can endure intense training sessions and don't have to be as strict as endomorphs with their diets. So what are you? And are you doing everything you can to maximize your workout to fit your body type? Despite of it all, remember that no matter what, good nutrition, a strong training program, heart and dedication will more than likely get you where you want to be. Get Big. Get Strong. Get Fit. Get Healthy. Beast Out.