Quick and "Easy" ways to Blast your Shoulders

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Alright everyone, since we’re all trying to get in shape, we thought we’d share on of the current shoulder workouts going on around here with you guys. Now keep in mind this works for us but it might not work as well for you. However, the key deciding factor is nutrition more than anything usually. So most people, generally speaking have underdeveloped rear delts. What do you do with weak body parts? Prioritize!! First exercise we do is a seated rear lateral raise using dumbbells (DBs) 1. Seated rear delt flye Change your grip so the palms are facing your back. We also like to do it a little more upright. It just feels better that way. We personally do 1 warm up set then 3 working sets 8-12 reps per set. The warm up you can do as many reps as you feel necessary to warm up the muscle. Make sure to pyramid up the weight for each set. 2. Upright row We use this primarily for the side delts. Same rep/set scheme as the 1st exercise. Vary the grip depending on feel. Use a grip that’s about shoulder width or find which grip makes you feel it the most in the side delts. 3. Hammer Strength Seated Selectorized Military Press Honestly, this machine is a gift from God! Even though Ryan H. almost max's it out lol. We've never felt a shoulder press hit the delts like this one. It’s unreal. If you don’t have one of these at your gym, do a military press on the smith, barbell or DBs. They’re all effective for front delts. Presses actually hit all 3 heads but the front gets hit the most. Same rep/set scheme.  width=   4. Dumbell Side Laterals  Side Laterals! You can do these from in front of you or from your sides. We use these in a higher rep range, between 12-15 reps, same set scheme. Also seated or standing, either way works well. 5. Rear delt cable raise You can do the reverse pec deck or you can do this standing with a cable in each hand.  Some of us here personally use reverse pec deck. 12-15 reps again on this one same set scheme. Anyway, for the guys, this routine will add size on for you IF your nutrition and rest is in check. Ladies, don’t be scared! You’re not going to get huge off this! You won’t get really big off any workout routine actually unless you have freak genetics. This will be a good calorie burner for you and give you something different to do, instead of cardio cardio cardio! It will also help you get “firm”. How do you guys like to blast your shoulders? Let us know!   Ryan H is a contributor for Beast Sports Nutrition.  Ryan is a business graduate who found his passion in fitness. He's always on the Internet trying to learn more about bodybuilding, training, and dieting. When he's not learning, you can find him either in the kitchen preparing a meal, eating, watching the UFC or at the gym trying to break a new PR. Ryan is also a big advocate of social networking websites such as twitter because they allow for people of all social and economical statuses to communicate.