Off-season training

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 width=Taking a bit of my own advice, and to ward away Top-Heavy Syndrome, I went particularly heavy on legs today. In the offseason, I take a philosophy of bursting and coasting in roughly 4 - 5 week intervals.  I love the burst phases, because let's face it as a bodybuilder I do have that need to lift heavy things and put them down again. But as a trainer, I know my body needs periods of lesser intensity to repair itself and allow for optimal growth (Doctor, heal thyself!!) - that's where coasting comes in. I'll drop the weight a bit, up the reps a bit, and go for adding density instead of just raw size. Right now in my training program, I'm at the end of one of the burst phases, and I have to say I've made some rather good gains. Post-competition rebound coupled with applying some nutritional knowledge, and a good supplementation program (Creature is really awesome!) has led to what I estimate a good 5 lb lean gain over the past month.  I'll take that! Anyway, here's the leg workout that several of my collegues have tried, yet none have been able to make all the way through...yet... Calf-raises 4 x 8-12 (I have the philosophy that everyday when you walk, you're effectively working calves at very high reps, so to get them to grow, train them with extremely heavy weight at low reps. I'll stand back now as the debate starts flying!) Leg Press (Pyramiding up)
1 x 12-15
1 x 8-12
2 x 6-8
Leg Curls (Seated or lying, depending what's available)
3 x 8-12
Sumo Squats (wide-stance) supersetted with Hack Squats (narrow stance)
4 x 8-10 Leg extensions (one leg at a time)
3 x 10-12
1 x drop-set If you're working at your highest intensity and really pushing yourself, you probably won't be able to walk away from the extension machine.  The superset thrown in there usually does me in, and I usually can feel it a day or two after I finish - gotta love that feeling! The superset is usually where whoever I'm training with seems to disappear for a while. Maybe they're just really thirsty or something. I'm sure it doesn't have anything to with the squats, I mean, who doesn't love squats!! It seems to be working, I've made noticable gains on my quads and I'm getting more definition - all good for my next competition!  
 width=Wayne is a former “IT” guy who decided to take his love for fitness and turn it into a new career.  Now a personal trainer by trade, Wayne spends his spare time hitting the weights and learning all he can about bodybuilding and nutrition.  He stays true to his IT roots by staying active on Twitter and several online games.