Leg Routine

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Jack How often do you exercise your legs?  Do you include leg workouts in your split?  For some, it’s a no brainer; in fact I’d personally go so far as to say that’s it’s the most important day of the week.  Here’s a leg workout I like to do, give it a try and let me know what you think.  *Fair warning, this is a workout I designed myself specific for me, it is not for everyone and although this isn’t the toughest leg day, this will be challenging for most people  --although it is never my goal, I have a reputation for making my lifting partners throw up on this day.  The specifications listed by the (*) are the weights I usually do, I’m by no means the strongest person but even at the weight I do I’m exhausted at the end of the day.  Again, only do this routine at your own risk and choose your own weights.  For all sets, I perform them with ~60 seconds of rest between them, and a couple minutes rest between different lifts.   What it looks like: Power cleans: 4-6 sets of 5-6 reps -Standard good power clean with a low catch and front squat at the end. *~140lbs   Back Squats: 10 sets of 10 reps (sometimes I then do and additional 3 sets of 4 at a heavy weight) -Standard back squat, make sure to get below parallel.  I try to explode up and control my negative rep. *~225lbs, or sometimes I’ll put on 155-185 lbs and then add resistance bands.  Keep a spotter near by, this is tiring, especially with only a minute of rest between sets.   Leg Extensions/Leg curls: Superset of 4-6 sets on each machine for 6-10 reps -This is pretty straightforward; use the leg extension and leg curl machine and switch between the machines.  For example, 1 “set” would be a set on the leg extension machine and on the leg curl machine, then the rest period (preferably the laying leg curl). *~Leg ext= 80lbs, leg press=110lbs     Calf Raises: 4-6 sets of 30 reps (10 reps each direction per set). -I use the leg press machine and perform a total of 30 reps (10 reps with toes pointing in, toes out, and then standard with toes straight ahead).  I place only the ball of my foot on the platform and then keep my heel off the platform so that I can hit the full range of motion and “stretch” at the bottom. *~120lbs   Walking lunges: 6-10 sets of 30yrds -I walk approximately 30 yards, landing on the ball of my foot for a total of 6-10 lengths. *~35lb dumbbells   Treadmill: No more than an hour at an incline -Just when I feel like quitting, just when I feel like sitting down, I get myself on the treadmill, throw on some good tunes and tell myself to finish strong. *~1hr (5 minutes running, 1 minute waking, for a total of 10 Cycles=1 hr), incline of 4-10%.  Only lately have I been using the 5run, 1walk cycle, I used to run at a steady pace for the entire duration, but to help better simulate my 50mile race pace, I use this cycle.   I want to hear from you if you tried the workout.   Either comment on this post or feel free to tag me (@TeamBurdick,) and Beast @BeastSports in a tweet.  Good luck.
Jack Burdick is majoring in Neuroscience at the University of Minnesota and along with hisweightlifting workouts, he competes in marathons and ultra-marathons (50 mile races) and is looking to earn a Cross-Fit title or to be recognized with The World’s Fittest Man title which is reserved for an ultra endurance power athlete.