Keep it Simple

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Something that has been confusing me lately is when people feel the need to do something new and trendy when it comes to "getting RIPPED!", instead of sticking the basics that have been tried, tested, and proven. Since when did doing "360 one-legged windmill hops" give you better leg development than squats? Who said that "Clapping situps with a 3 punch combo" is gonna burn 800% more fat than some old fashioned deadlifts? One thing those people aren't seeing are the fitness models on the infomercials are paid actors that are in the gym going hard everyday and auditioned to be the ones to show the "results" of that DVD, or new product. I'd be willing to bet that 90% of those ripped men and women in those infomercials used the products for the first time the day of the shoot. Okay, back to the point of keeping it simple and basic. These new gizmos and gadgets aren't gonna cut out any middlemen to get you shredded in 4 days. Put in the work! I honestly believe that the same people that are doing these "New School" exercises are trying to take the easy way out. Yes, squats, deadlifts, heavy dumbbells, are hard.  Unfortunately their easy way out doesn't really have an "out" because most will never see any results, but almost all will be seen as a joke in their local gym.      width=Stephen Obar (@OBARmuscle) is a writer for various fitness publications, a personal trainer, diet coach and a cancer survivor. Stephen currently spends his time hitting the weights as well as continuing to soak up all he can on the newest and latest bodybuilding and nutrition studies and news.  When he is 'relaxing', you can find him in the kitchen, and overseeing his little brother's nutrition and training as he is a sponsored Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athlete.