Holiday Rush

Posted by Connie K on

It's coming up on "that time of year" again.  At least that's what we in the fitness industry call it - the end of the season of feasting, and the beginning of the season of Glutton's Remorse.  Hopefully, the holidays didn't leave you too bulked.  For bodybuilders, this is generally the offseason, which is pretty much just a really pleasant way of saying "we can eat whatever we want because we're trying to gain mass!" That's my story at least, and I'm sticking to it! The coming weeks will see the yearly influx of people into the gym, bursting with energy, enthusiasm, and the very best intentions of getting into the beast shape of their lives.  History has shown this boundless enthusiasm lasts approximately a month. Until next year. Maybe it's the cold weather doing funny things to neurons in people's minds.  Maybe it's the longing for summer weather, and the desire to have the physique to go along with it that drives people into a frenzy every new year.  I'm not quite sure what exactly happens that gets people into the gym, but I know why the crowded gyms across the country turn to ghost towns halfway through February - motivation. Sticking with a fitness program requires you to make a lifestyle change. Usually, you start because you have decided you want to take a step to improve your health or physique.  Saying to yourself "It's time, I have to make this change now" is a very powerful motivator. You're admitting that you need to change, and admitting more importantly that you want to change.  I fear that it's all to easy for most people to realize they need to change (mirrors have a funny way of doing that), but don't really want to. Setting a date like New Year's is almost a crutch - it's like saying "I need to change, but I really want to have a bit more time goofing off before I take that step."  If you have to wait, you really don't want to do it in the first place. This year, as you're making resolutions, may I suggest a twist on the old classic of getting in shape - "I resolve to get to the gym as soon as I realize I need to make a change in my fitness lifestyle, and I'm not going to wait to do it." Happy holidays, and have a fit New Year!!  width=Wayne is a former “IT” guy who decided to take his love for fitness and turn it into a new career.  Now a personal trainer by trade, Wayne spends his spare time hitting the weights and learning all he can about bodybuilding and nutrition.  He stays true to his IT roots by staying active on Twitter and several online games.